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Pentagram Wind Chimes and Celestial Wind Chimes

pagan bells and wind chimes for your home decor


My pentagram and celestial bells are a great way to add a mystical touch to your home decor. Not only will they let others know about your spiritual path, they also clear away negative energy as well as attracting fairies.

Pentagram Bells and Celestial Wind Chime Benefits

  •  Bells and wind chimes are used to remove negative energy from a room or sacred space. If you've ever been to a Catholic mass, you've seen them ring bells near the altar before beginning communion.
  •  Bells and wind chimes attract fairies especially when hung near an herb garden or flower bed.
  •  In feng shui, wind chimes bless your home with harmony, happiness and good fortune. Hang near your front door.
  •  Great conversation piece in your home.
  •  They also are a thoughtful gift idea for handfasting, housewarming, initiations or any ritual celebrating an important milestone in a spiritual person's path.
  •  To Pagans and witches, the pentagram, a five pointed star, is a symbol of protection and wisdom. It is NOT a sign of the devil. That is a superstition based on ignorance not fact.

Pentagram Bells and Celestial Wind Chime Details

small beaded brass pentagram wind chime

small beaded pentagram bell

10" total length - pentagram is 2" in diameter

cobalt blue glass beads

small enough to be used as a car chime

Wiccan wind chime



brass or chrome triple pentagram wind chime

brass pentagram bell - pagan decorchrome pentagram bell - pagan decor


10" total length - pentagram is 2" in diameter

colored glass beads

available in chrome or brass

Wiccan wind chime

$13.99 brass

$13.99 chrome

pentagram wind chime

pentagram bell - pagan decor

18" total length

Great housewarming gift

Wiccan wind chime


moon and star wind chime

moon and star bell  celestial decor

12" total length

Nice gift idea


sun, moon and stars wind chime

sun, moon, star bell - celestial decore

30" total length

glass beads

Wiccan wind chime