Buy Natural Herbal Resin and Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets for Smudging

There is no better aroma than natural incense resin. They are another form of herbal smudging. The best way to use them is to crush them to make a powder incense and sprinkle over Swift-lite charcoal tablets. The room will be filled with the most wonderful and potent herbal fragrance. If you've ever been to a Catholic Mass, this is what the priest swings around in his censor (hanging incense burner). This is by far my favorite incense. Incense resins are natural and have a very potent aroma which is why you only need a pinch at a time.

Natural herbal resins are a great option for those who do not like the smell of burning sage. Sage smells like leaves burning. Herbal resins have a more aromatic aroma that can be herbal with spicy undertones with a slight medicinal finish.

How to smudge with natural herbal resins:

  1. Choose your herbal resins (they blend well) and crush them w/ a mortar and pestle to create a powder incense.
  2. Light the side of a charcoal tablets till you see tiny sparks start to appear. Instruction are on the side of the Swift-lite package.
  3. Place a burning charcoal tablet with the indentation upward in a heat proof container that has sand in the bottom (to dissipate the heat).
  4. Wait for the sparks to completely reach to the opposite side.
  5. Sprinkle a pinch of powder incense over the charcoal. Repeat as needed till the charcoal goes out (approx. 1 hr). Note: If you add too much at once, it will create a crust that won't allow additional incense resin to burn.


Natural Incense Resin

  •  frankincense tears
  •  myrrh gum resin
  •  dragon blood resin
  •  copal resin
  •  benzoin resin

Powder Incense Supply

  •  salt peter
  •  sulfur / brimstone
  •  Swift-lite incense charcoal tablets
  •  mortar and pestle
  •  hanging brass censor

benzoin incense herbal resin

benzoin natural incense resin

magical use of benzoin: purification, prosperity, remove curse or break a spell

$2.99 /1 oz

copal herbal resin

copal natural incense resin

magical use of copal resin: love, purification

$2.99 /1 oz

dragon blood herbal resin

dragon blood incense resin

magical use of dragon blood resin: power, strength, exorcism and protection

$5.99 /1 oz

frankincense tears resin

frankincense natural incense resin

magical use of frankincense tears: consecration, purification, protection

$2.99 /1 oz

myrrh gum resin

myrrh natural incense resin

magical use of myrrh gum resin: consecration, protection, exorcism, healing and spirituality

$2.99 /1 oz

salt peter

salt peter for making incense

used to create self-burning powdered incense

Add no more than 10% by weight to powdered herbs, resins and wood base to avoid the need for charcoal tablets.

warning: not ingest!

$1.99 /1 oz


sulfur or brimstone

sulphur or brimstone to banish negative energy

magical use of sulfur or brimstone: removes curse, undo spell, exorcism
warning: sulfur smells very bad when burned (rotten eggs)

$1.99 /1 oz

mortar & pestal

mortar and pestal to gring natural incense resins

Used to grind herbs and resins for powder incense. - styles vary 

was $18.99 now $9.99

1/2 cup sand

sand for incense charcoal

add to bottom of container to prevent over-heating


Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets

incense charcoal to burn natural incense resin

33mm tablets / 10 tablets per roll

Swift-lite charcoal is the brand I use. It's very reliable and does not mask the aroma of the incense. The charcoal tablets contain salt peter which allows the charcoal to light without the need for an accelerant. Do not try to light a charcoal tablet while you are holding it. You can't see the hot areas and it moves quite quickly.

How to use charcoal tablets:

Place the tablet on a bed of sand or cat litter with the hollow side up in a fireproof heatproof container. Ignite the side of the tablet. You won't see any flames but you will see a line of tiny sparks that travel from one side of the charcoal tablet to the other. When the sparks have completely crossed over the surface of the tablet, you can add powdered incense resins or herbs into the hollowed out area of the charcoal. The charcoal will be very hot for about an hour. Add small amounts of the herbs and/ or resins to the charcoal at a time. Once the incense is consumed and stops giving off aroma, you can add more. If you put too much on at a time or don't grind the resin, it will suffocate the charcoal and it then becomes quite useless. If done properly, the charcoal / incense combination will work for about an hour.

Buy Swift-Lite charcoal tablets


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