Angel Chime Candles or Mini Taper Candles

These mini taper candles are perfect for spells, rituals, healing and magickal work. These small taper candles burn for about 2 hours.  They are solid colored all the way through. You can etch names and/ or desired spell effects on them to add a little kick to your magic.

Key Benefits of Mini Taper Candles

  •  approximately 2 hour burn time which is perfect for those spells that require the candle to burn completely
  •  solid colored all the way through so you can carve symbols, runes, names, desires etc...
  •  an inexpensive answer to those spells and rituals that call for many different candle colors.
  •  These can be used as Advent candles or as Menorah candles
  •  4" long X 1/2" diameter


angel chime candle - mini taper candle

mini taper candles - angel chime candle