Angel Chime Candles or Mini Taper Candles

These mini taper candles are perfect for spells, rituals, healing and magickal work. These small taper candles burn for about 2 hours.  They are solid colored all the way through. You can etch names and/ or desired spell effects on them to add a little kick to your magic.

Key Benefits of Mini Taper Candles

  •  approximately 2 hour burn time which is perfect for those spells that require the candle to burn completely
  •  solid colored all the way through so you can carve symbols, runes, names, desires etc...
  •  an inexpensive answer to those spells and rituals that call for many different candle colors.
  •  These can be used as Advent candles or as Menorah candles
  •  4" long X 1/2" diameter

angel chime candle - mini taper candle

mini taper candles - angel chime candle

Buy Mini Taper Candle

These are my favorite candle to use for spells - they burn about 2 1/2 hours.


red mini taper candle box of 20

love, passion, energy, good fortune, root chakra, south, fire element

was $5.99/ 20 now $4.99/ 20

orange mini taper candle box of 20

elevates mood & vibration, helps with love affair problems, balances, energizes, naval chakra

was $5.99/ 20 now $4.99/ 20

yellow mini taper candle box of 20

joy, happiness (helps with depression), raises the vibration (use after a curse removal to raise the vibration so the removal stays permanent), money drawing, solar plexus chakra, east, element of air

sold out

green mini taper candle box of 20

healing, money spell, good luck, fertility ( creativity, growing things or pregnancy), heart chakra, north, element of earth

was $7.99/ 20 now $4.99/ 20

light blue mini taper candle box of 20

tranquility, peace, communication (spoken or written), throat chakra, west, element of water

was $7.99/ 20 now $4.99/ 20

dark blue mini taper candle box of 20

meditation, 3rd eye chakra

was $7.99/ 20 now $4.99/ 20

purple mini taper candle box of 20

power to spells, divination, protection, brings justice, crown chakra

out of stock

white mini taper candle box of 20

purification, can be used to represent deity, protection, can be used to replace any other color

sold out

black mini taper candle box of 20

protection, grounding

was $7.99/ 20 now $4.99/ 20

pink mini taper candle box of 20

love spell, emotional healing (especially from broken heart of grief), smooth's over problems between friends

was $7.99/ 20 now $4.99/ 20

glass mini taper candle holder


glass star mini taper candle holder

out of stock