Crystal Jewelry and Chakra Jewelry

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Crystal Gemstone Jewelry

Crystals and gemstones are believed by many to possess metaphysical properties. A good example is quartz crystal. One metaphysical property of quartz crystal is that it gives and receives energy. Hence the reason you see it used to power clocks and watches. It can also have the same effect on a person and inanimate objects such as tarot cards. The nice thing about crystal and gemstones is that they never run out of energy. They can be easily cleansed and recharged. We can easily use the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones by simply holding them. However, crystal gemstone jewelry is a more practical and beautiful way to utilize the metaphysical properties of these lovely gifts from the earth.  

I believe that we should gift ourselves and loved ones from time to time with a small spiritual gift from your higher self, your spirit guides or angels. Crystal gemstone jewelry can be a spiritual gift of encouragement or reward for a job well done.

crystal pendants / chakra pendants

I offer a nice selection of beautiful crystal pendant and chakra pendants to suit your needs. I have wire wrapped crystal pendants for those that want a natural crystal point pendant. These wire wrapped crystals can also be used as a dowsing pendulum. You will also find our beautiful chakra crystal pendants and gemstone pendants for energy healing.

crystal bracelets / chakra bracelets

My crystal bracelets and  chakra bracelets are not just incredibly beautiful, they have healing and metaphysical properties as well. They make a wonderful gift idea for a loved one who could use a spiritual boost. Many of my gemstone bracelets are handmade by me that offer gemstones that encourage a certain flow of energy such as jade for good luck or rose quartz for love. Others are a single gemstone bracelet that focus on 1 particular goal such as amethyst for psychic awareness or citrine to attract money.

magic amulets

This page offers a variety of handcrafted pendants to attract the desired energy into your life such as love, money, protection, healing or wisdom.

Chinese coin good luck jewelry

The Chinese believe that wearing a coin helps to attract wealth and happiness into one's life.