Highly Scented Soy Candles


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Dessert Scented Soy Candle

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apple pie scented soy candle

This apple pie candle smells like a freshly baked apple pie - apples, pie crust and a touch of spice / golden brown

  apple pie: was $4.99 now $4.99
banana bread scented soy candle

This banana candle is like banana bread just out of the oven

golden brown

banana nut bread: $5.99 now $4.99

cinnamon scented soy candle

My cinnamon candle is warm and spicy just like the real cinnamon / dark rust

money spells

cinnamon: $5.99 now $4.99
cannabis scented soy candle /marijuana scented candle /  pot scented candle

not a "pleasant" fragrance. It is a novelty. Smells just like marijuana smoke.  / olive green

cannabis/ marijuana $5.99 now $4.99
spiced cranberry scented soy candle

The spiced cranberry candle is one of my favorites any time of the year. It's bold tart and sweet aroma is enhanced with a touch of spice. / deep red

spiced cranberry: $5.99 now $4.99
mulberry scented soy candle

My mulberry candle is a bold fruity aroma with a balance of tart and sweet. A mulberry candle is believed to help with ladybugs. I can't say for sure as I haven't tested that theory. / dark red

mulberry: $5.99 now $4.99
coffee scented soy candle

Wake up with the aroma of a good cup o' Joe with a coffee scented candle. Coffee is a stimulant and might be good to burn in an office to keep employees alert. / brown

coffee bean: $5.99 now $4.99
peach scented soy candle

My yummy peach candles are sweet and a little tart like a juicy ripe peach / peach

Georgia peach: $5.99 now $4.99
pumpkin pie jar candle

My mouth watering pumpkin candle smells like a pumpkin pie right out of the oven... slightly sweet and spicy. / rust

pumpkin & spice: out of stock
strawberry jar candle

My strawberry candle has a great scent throw. It's very sweet and tart just like wild strawberries in June. - red

sweet strawberry: $5.99 now $4.99
hot fudge brownie jar candle

Don't blame me if you have to make a batch of brownies when you light one of our chocolate scented candles. They are taste tempting. / brown

chocolate brownie: $5.99 now $4.99
blueberry scented soy candle

My blueberry candles are another candle with a really great scent throw. They are sweet and fruity like wild blueberry / blue

wild blueberry:  $5.99 now $4.99

vanilla jar candle

My vanilla candle imparts a deep rich vanilla aroma. Vanilla is a good choice for public places because most people like it.... and this is a high quality vanilla.  / cream

vanilla velvet: $5.99 now $4.99
maple syrup scented soy candle

My maple syrup is absolutely yummy. Your family will think you got up early to make pancakes smothered in maple syrup.  / reddish brown

maple pecan: $5.99 now $4.99

mulberry scented soy candle

A bright balance between sweet and tart and fruity. Mulberry is believed to repel ladybugs but I have not tested the theory myself. / red

mulberry $5.99 now $4.99

Herbal Scented Soy Candle

bayberry scented soy candle

My bayberry candle imparts a bold herbal pine sort of smell of a live Christmas tree. There is a slight peppery undertone that enhances the fragrance. / dark olive green

money and good luck spells

bayberry: $5.99 now $4.99
eucalyptus jar candle

My eucalyptus candle offers a fresh, clean, bold aroma of menthol. These may be helpful during flu season. / green

healing spells

eucalyptus: $5.99 now $4.99
frankincense and myrrh jar candle

My frankincense and myrrh candles are my all time favorite. It's an aroma that's hard to describe. It's a wonderful rich herbal aroma with spicy undertones - a Christmas tradition / black

protection spells

frankincense & myrrh: $5.99 now $4.99
patchouli scented soy candle

My patchouli candle is another favorite of mine. Patchouli is a potent earthy fragrance that people tend to either love or hate (smells like the earth after rain or just as the snow melts) - patchouli is a powerful aphrodisiac used in most perfume formulas

dark purple

love and money  spells

patchouli: $5.99 now $4.99
citronella jar candle

This citronella candle will repel mosquitoes. Summer just wouldn't be the same without the nostalgic fragrance of citronella / yellow

citronella: $5.99 now $4.99
sandalwood scented soy candle

Sandalwood candles are for romance. Sandalwood imparts a deep, rich musky aroma. Sandalwood is a powerful aphrodisiac used in most perfume formulas. / white

love or purification spell

sandalwood: $5.99 now $4.99
rosemary jar candle

My rosemary candle gives off a bold, herbal, slightly peppery aroma of fresh rosemary / green

love, fidelity and protection spells

rosemary: $5.99 now $4.99
cedar scented soy candle

My cedar scented candle offers the earthy fragrance of cedar wood. / green

purification, healing and protection spells

cedar: $5.99 now $4.99
balsam pine jar candle

like a freshly cut balsam fir christmas tree / green

purification, healing and protection spells

balsam pine: $5.99 now $4.99

Floral Scented Jar Candle

lavender scented soy candle

My lavender candles imparts a bold, clean, with manly note to it like aftershave. / blue


lavender: $5.99 now $4.99
lilac scented soy candle

This lilac candle smells like a real lilac blossom. / periwinkle

peace, tranquility and love spells

lilac: $5.99 now $4.99
nag champa scented soy candle

My nag champa candle is named after the world's most popular incense. It is very bold like the incense. / cream

psychic awareness spell

nag champa: $5.99 now $4.99
ylang ylang jar candle

My ylang ylang candles offer a pleasant herbal fragrance that is hard to describe. Ylang Ylang candles are and aphrodisiac and have a great scent throw. / deep red

love spells

ylang ylang: $5.99 now $4.99
Victorian rose jar candle

My rose candles smell just like roses in the garden. / pink

love spells

Victorian rose: $5.99 now $4.99
ocean mist jar candle

My ocean mist candles imparts a bold, clean fragrance like Zest or Irish Spring soap / aquamarine

ocean mist: $5.99 now $4.99
jasmine jar candle

My jasmine candles gives of a lovely soft aroma of jasmine flowers. Jasmine is the aroma of love. / pale yellow

love spells

jasmine: $5.99 now $4.99
UNDER CONSTRUCTION - New Candles coming in a few days - please check back - Ordering is not yet available