Incense Sticks for Meditation, Spells and Rituals

Imported Indian incense cones are a big seller for me. I offer a variety of really unique fragrances that have a great scent throw. They can be used for spells, ritual or meditation. Most of our customers buy incense cones because they are a very inexpensive way to fill your home with wonderful rich aromas.

How do I burn incense cones? To light a cone, hold it sideways and carefully ignite the tip. Once it begins to glow red, blow it out. If it stops glowing, repeat that process till it begins to smoke. Place the cone on a heatproof surface (ash tray or plate). I recommend a layer of sand to help dissipate the heat. If you have a holder with a holed lid, put the lid on so the smoke comes out the holes. Our incense coffins are a clever way to storage or burn both sticks and cones. Do not leave it unattended as it can be a fire and burn hazard.

I have included the magickal properties for each incense cone type. Choose the one that suits your needs. As it burns, visualize the smoke as magical energy. You can run candles, sacred objects, photos etc.... through the smoke. In your mind's eye, see the incense smoke penetrating the object and imbuing it with your desire. If you use it during meditation, breath in the smoke while visualizing it entering your lungs and into your cells and DNA. Feel that energy bringing forth the change you are seeking.

Caution: people with breathing disorders or allergies should avoid incense. It gives off a potent aroma and can be irritating to those who are sensitive.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that the use of my incense to enhance prayers or ritual will bring for the changes desired. Using incense for rituals, spells, magick and healing is a tool only. It helps one focus on the desired outcome but as with anything spiritual in nature, nothing is guaranteed.  Rituals, spells, magick and healing are enhanced forms of prayer. Prayers can not be guaranteed. Anyone who guarantees that a spell will work is being deceitful.

Magickal and Mundane Uses of Incense Cones

  •  Can be used alone to attract that magical energy into your life
  •  Can be included spells and rituals
  •  Bless your feng shui supplies in the incense smoke that correlates to your need.
  •  This is an inexpensive solution to ritual incense needs.
  •  Freshen the air when the weather is too bad to open the windows or you are running air conditioning
  •  Burn incense just before selling a home you wish to sell or rent.