Chinese Feng Shui Tools and Enhancers

feng shui tools - real quartz crystal balls

Chinese Feng Shui Supplies and Enhancers:

statues and figurines of Buddha, dragon, elephant and baugua

Chinese feng shui Buddha brings good fortune and blessings to the home or business. Dragon is power, protection, good luck and longevity. Elephant is happiness and the ability to overcome obstacles. Bagua mirrors are used to attract positive energy and repel negative.

Chinese good luck charms

Carry a Chinese good luck charm with you to attract good luck.

bells and chimes to attract positive energy

Bells and chimes are used clear away negative energy and attract positive energy.

Chinese coins for attracting good luck

Use Chinese coins to encourage the flow of good luck into your life.

crystal ball

In feng shui crystal balls are used to move stagnant energy or to draw energy into an area with low chi energy.


What is feng shui?

  • Feng shui is Chinese energy work.
  • Through the use of color, symbol and placement, chi, known to Westerners as energy, can be manipulated.
  • Feng shui is a desire to live harmoniously with nature.

So how do you move chi energy?

  • If you now think of chi energy as air, and you consider areas in your home where air would become stale, then you have found the secret to moving chi.
  • Get rid of clutter and heavy draperies.
  • If you are in an area where it is possible, open your windows and leave the fresh air and sunshine in while you go about physically cleaning your home.  I love to hang my laundry out on the clothes line so my clothes and bedding get a fresh burst of chi in them.

By now, you must see the relationship between natural elements and feng shui. The Chinese have great reverence for the earth and the bounty provided by it.

What do colors have to do with feng shui or energy?

  • All colors have a vibration that attracts a certain energy.
  • You can use paint, fabric or artwork to bring in the energies you seek.
  • You will see vivid colors and patterns used in Chinese decor.

feng shui tools - money frog money toad

What do you mean by the art of placement?

  • First, a building (home, business, church... etc...) should have a good physical location according to feng shui law.
  • Second, layout of that dwelling is just as important for optimal energy flow.
  • Furnishings should be chosen and placed in a way that encourages positive chi flow.
  • Certain items or elements or a representative are placed in auspicious areas. EX: You may not want to build a koi pond in your living room so a painting of koi will work just as well.
  • Objects can be placed to reverse or reflect undesirable or inauspicious influences. EX: A mirror may be placed in an area where a poison dagger is aimed (telephone pole) to reflect it's negative influence.

What is a feng shui symbol?

  • There are many Chinese symbols that can be added through design, artwork or actually painting them on the dwelling itself.
  • Feng shui symbols can also come in the form of figurines and statues.
  • You will see many animals (some are even mythical) in feng shui decor. Each animal carries with it an important energy that can help you achieve the improvements that you desire. EX: When you go to a Chinese restaurant, you may find a placemat with the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. You may find that you are already attracted to one or more of these animals. However, there are some that though Westerners think of them as being negative, the Chinese have looked deeper into the good qualities within that animal that might be used in our own lives.
  • The Chinese are very spiritual people so it comes to no surprise that they would consider symbols of deity as sacred objects. EX: Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant and not seen a Buddha statue? I bet you even rubbed Buddha's belly to be blessed with good luck.

How do feng shui enhancers work?

  • What makes feng shui enhancers work is that when you see that color, object or symbol, you are reminded of the energy that it attracts. For that few seconds that you focus upon it, you are reminded and thus your thoughts attract that energy. EX: When you leave the house each morning for work, you spot your money frog sitting there by the front door, you are reminded of abundance flowing into your life. The frog in itself isn't bringing in the flow of abundance. It is your belief that you are experiencing a flow of abundance that draws it towards you.

Where should I start with feng shui?

  • As I mentioned above, the first step is to thoroughly clean and de-clutter your home. When I say de-clutter, I don't mean hide your clutter in the basement, I mean give it away or earn some money with a yard sale. Americans are slaves to our clutter. It is very therapeutic to clear away clutter. You will feel a sense of freedom when you win the victory over clutter.
  • By clean, I don't mean dusting around things.... every surfaced should be washed.
  • The second step is repair. Repair or remove anything damaged whether it's a broken toaster or a leaky downspout.
  • Treat your home like it is your temple. If you show it love, a harmonious home awaits you after a stressful day at work. Make home your sanctuary.
  • Remember, to make your home a sacred space, it's not about how much money you invest in your home but how much energy.
  • Take each room and feel it's energy. Can you walk through it without weaving around furniture or worse yet... clutter? How is the color? Does it make you feel welcome when you enter? Do you feel like lingering a bit or do you pass through to other areas? How is the lighting? Is it dark and dreary or does it cheer you up? Do you feel the room could be improved with a new color or better lighting?
  • Ok. Once you get things cleaned up, you need to figure out what is working and what is not as far as energy goes. What obstacles are you experiencing in life? Do you have money worries, stressful relationships, depression, anxiety etc... What changes can you make in your surrounding that might help? If you want to conceive a child, why not paint a bedroom wall green for fertility to flow?
  • So basically, feng shui is about identifying obstacles to a harmonious life and making change within your environment to change the energy flow. It also is about empowering yourself to find solutions from within.

feng shui tools - buddha figurine