Metaphysical Meaning of Crystals and Gemstones

metaphysical Meaning of Crystals and Gemstones

Learn the metaphysical properties and meaning of crystals and gemstones for crystal healing, magic, spells and much more. Sure! Gemstones are fun to collect, but they are better suited to metaphysical work than sitting on your shelf collecting dust.

Metaphysical Uses for Crystals and Gemstones

  • crystal healing combines well with Reiki healing
  • gemstone elixirs
  • crystallize your water - done the same way as a gemstone elixir
  • mojo bag
  • gris gris bag
  • meditation aid
  • pocket stone
  • worry stone
  • divination aid
  • magick and spells
  • manifesting tool
  • empower incense and candles
  • spiritual gift idea - I like to bless gemstones and leave them behind for someone to find
  • gemstone readings

amethyst - love, protection, psychic awareness and divination

aventurine - good luck, love, healing and tranquility

bloodstone - strength, courage, victory in battles, business or competition, healing, good luck

carnelian - known as the artist's stone, creativity, inspiration, sexual energy

citrine - known as the merchant's stone, good luck, purification, change negative energy to positive

more to come - I haven't created pages to all the crystal items I carry. Please check out my crystal pendants and bracelets pages. I also have loose gemstones and crystals. If it's divination tools interest you, I have crystal pendulums and runes.