Gemstone Metaphysical Meaning

Please check the various pages I have created on my website for each of these crystals and gemstones. There you will find much more detailed information that will help you choose which gemstones will suit your needs best. Below, you will find a general listing which common gemstones are good for what.

How do you use crystals and gemstones?

  • Create ritual oils
  • Add to spells
  • Add to ritual bath water
  • Create mojo bags or gris gris bags
  • Create gemstone elixirs
  • Make your own crystal rune set
  • Create your own crystal reading
  • Chakra healing
  • crystal healing

Caution! The following crystals and gemstones should NOT be used in elixirs or oils that will be used for ingestion or anointing. They may leach metals and substances that could be harmful such as lead or copper. If the gemstone you want to use is listed here, wear a piece of jewelry or make a mojo bag for it.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website should be used in place of professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. It can be used as a supplement. I will assume no responsibility for your magick or crystal healing. Any advice or suggestions followed due to information or products listed on this site, is done so at your own risk.

Gemstones that may not be safe for ingestion or anointing are:

garnet, malachite, moonstone, pyrite, sodalite and tiger eye

gemstones for weight loss – rose quartz (weight loss, beauty), moonstone (removing obstacles, beauty, reaching goals), snowflake obsidian (overcome negative habits), tiger eye (strength, courage, willpower)

gemstones for healing – quartz crystal (powerful healer, pain relief), amethyst (healing, powerful pain relief), bloodstone (blood, circulatory system, fevers, general good health), carnelian (depression, blood and circulation issues, sexual problems and dysfunction), garnet (strengthens aura, heart and blood), hematite (blood, circulatory system, draws out illness from the body), jade (prevents illness, helps heal the disease while working on the underlying issue that manifested the disease, longevity, protects against accidents), rose quartz (pregnancy, child birth)

gemstones for attracting love – jade, rose quartz, amethyst, jade and aventurine

gemstone for improving sex – carnelian (energy, balance, potency)

gemstones for prosperity, money and good luck – aventurine (good luck especially in gambling, prosperity), jade (good fortune, prosperity), iron pyrite (money drawing), tiger eye (good luck, prosperity)

gemstones for protection – quartz, amethyst, citrine, hematite, tourmaline, obsidian, apache tears, agate, carnelian, garnet, jade, moonstone, pearl, tiger eye

gemstones for peace and tranquility – amethyst, sodalite, blue lace agate, aventurine

gemstones for emotional healing – rose quartz (unconditional love, emotional healing, forgiveness, grief, depression), amethyst (calms fears, raises hope, lifts vibration), aventurine (heart chakra, calms emotions), moonstone (soothes emotions, forgiveness, empathy, understanding, unconditional love)

gemstones for fertility / pregnancy – geode, rose quartz, moonstone, unakite, pearl

gemstones for purification – quartz, amethyst, citrine, black tourmaline, hematite, snowflake obsidian

gemstones for transformation (to change something) – black tourmaline, quartz, citrine, amethyst, malachite

gemstones for legal justice – malachite

gemstones for psychic awareness and divination – quartz, amethyst, citrine, jade, sodalite, moonstone, hematite, tiger eye, obsidian

gemstones for astral projection – amethyst, celestite

gemstones for sleep and ream work - prophetic dreams, dream recall, lucid dreaming or for treating sleep disorders such as insomnia or nightmares – amethyst, citrine, celestite, moonstone

gemstones for wisdom – jade, amethyst, citrine, sodalite

gemstone to remove obstacles – quartz, citrine, agate, smokey quartz

gemstones for strength and courage – tiger eye, agate, amethyst, bloodstone, carnelian, garnet

gemstones for grounding
– hematite, black tourmaline, obsidian, garnet

gemstones for beauty – rose quartz, moonstone, amethyst

Please feel free to contact me if your unique desire is not found listed here.