How to Use Crystals For Healing and Magic

how to use crystal and gemstones


More and more people are turning to alternative medicine for healing. The great thing about crystal healing is that it's easy, inexpensive and doesn't take a whole lot of training or experience to use them. Another good thing about crystal healing is that you are only taking in positive energy from the stones. Your liver and kidneys aren't having to process unhealthy chemicals from your body. The worse thing that can happen is that the healing doesn't help.

In this area of my website, you will find information on crystal healing, preparing your crystals for use and caring for your crystals. I have also provided a page to help you choose the right crystals to suit your needs.

Crystals for Healing, Magick and Meditation

Crystal and Gemstone qualities - Learn which crystals are good for what. Crystals can be used for crystal healing... but they can also be used to manifest your desires through magick and spells. This handy guide will help you figure out which crystals you should work with.

Gemstone Elixir Directions and Recipes - Learn how to create gemstone elixirs with crystals and water. Anyone can do this. You can even use gem elixirs for pets or gardening.

Program Crystals - Learn how to program your crystals in order to get the most out of them.

Crystal Cleansing and Charging - Learn how to clear, cleanse and charge your crystals and gemstones. Charging a crystal means to energize it.

Mojo Bags - Learn how to create a mojo bag, also known as a gris gris bag to help you manifest your desire.

I will continue to add information on crystal healing so please check back.