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Hannah and Me shoveling snow

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I started making candles in the early 1990's because I couldn't find any that actually burned completely or smelled like what scent they claimed to be. My hobby grew into a small business and soon outgrew my house. I opened a store and expanded my inventory into metaphysical supply. I ran a metaphysical store in DuBois called Talking Metaphysical Store for 5 years. I closed the shop and relocated to the Hermitage / Sharon Pennsylvania to be near my aging parents.  So I focus solely on the internet business for now. I dream of retirement when I will only have one job and it will be working for myself doing what I love. It's more than a small business, it's my passion. My favorite items are my handcrafted real bayberry candles that are my best seller during the holidays. If you are not familiar with the colonial tradition believed to attract good luck into your life, please visit my bayberry candle page. It's not important to me that you buy my bayberry candles.  It's important to me that this tradition be shared so it is never lost and forgotten. My other favorite product is sage smudge supplies. I love smudging. It's such a simple ceremonial way to clear away negative energy. Again.... a very old tradition dating back to primitive people in which I find a sense of comfort. I am fascinated by divination tools and metaphysical supply which is what brought everything full circle for me.

Pictured above is me and my girl Hannah. She helps me process orders and make candles. She reminds me sometimes I need to have fun. Dogs teach us to remember what is truly important in life.... friends and family... and to never pass a good mud hole when you are lucky enough to happen upon one.

Rusty, Ringo and Hannah... pets can teach us the important lessons in life

This is the chain of command. Rusty is CEO (chubby guy in front). Ringo is his right hand man (keeps lower management in line) and Hannah is under the 2 of them. Me? I didn't make it in the management photo because I just work here. They call the shots.


Address: 2280 Orangeville RD, Hermitage, PA 16148

I sell exclusively online. I no longer have a brick and mortar store. Locals can pick orders up but I do not have display area for shopping.

Phone: Can be found in shopping cart

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Email: listed at the bottom of this page

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