Jade Chinese Good Luck Charms


Who can't use a little extra help in the good luck department? Whether you are one who likes to treat themselves to a trip to the casinos, race track or church bingo, how could you go wrong with a little Chinese good luck charm?  Maybe you or someone you care about needs good luck in love. These charming good luck charms are imported from China and are made with carved jade symbols and silk tassels.

My Chinese good luck charms are a thoughtful gift idea for someone going through a difficult time. Each good luck charm comes with a story card.

How to use Jade Chinese Good Luck Charms

  •  wear as a pendant or bracelet
  •  hang from your rear view mirror
  •  give as a gift to a friend in need
  •  use the smaller ones as a jacket pull
  •  attach one to your handbag, brief case etc...
  •  hang near the area where you work on finances
  •  in a business, hand near your cash register or safe
  •  If you have an internet business, hang your Chinese good luck charm near your computer.

Buy Chinese Good Luck Charm in Jade

Chinese good luck charm jade Buddha

Carry this Chinese good luck charm every day to bring good fortune. Buddha is the god of happiness, laughter, abundance, wisdom, luck and good luck.

jade buddha good luck charmjade buddha good luck charmjade buddha good luck charm

jade Buddha good luck charm

$9.99   Approx. 4" in length - supplies limited

Chinese good luck charm jade

The "fu" symbol is the Chinese character meaning good fortune. Fu has 3 parts which symbolize the three most treasured aspects: God, family and a bountiful harvest. Hang this Chinese good luck character charm in your home or business in your office area.

jade good luck charmjade good luck charm

was $12.99 now $9.99 Approx. 12" in length


Chinese coin good luck charm jade

During ancient Chinese times, coins were worn as a talisman to protect the wearer against illness and negativity. The Chinese coins are are carved from jade and are round with a square hole in the center (symbolizing heaven and earth). Chinese coins are believed by the Chinese to be a powerful tool to attract good luck into your life.

feng shui good luck charmfeng shui good luck charmfeng shui good luck charm


$9.99  Approx. 5" in length


Chinese coin good luck bracelet

Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the middle. This is believed to represent the connect between heaven and earth. Chinese coins are a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Wearing a bracelet of coins represents a never ending flow of money. The double Chinese coins mean " double prosperity or double happiness ". There are 12  coins in all which refer to the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac and thus completion.

This is an adjustable bracelet. It's very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

chinese coin bracelet for good luckchinese coin bracelet for good luck

Chinese coins for good luck

was $12.99 now $10.99

please note that

Chinese 6 Coin Prosperity Symbol

chinese coin good luck charmchinese coin good luck charmchinese coin  good luck charm

This powerful Chinese prosperity symbol may attract wealth, abundance and good fortune into your life. The number 6 represents wealth and prosperity. By binding them together in a red silk cord tied in the traditional Chinese knot, it improves your ability to attract wealth and to sustain a flow of abundance. Hang this Chinese prosperity symbol near a desk or cash register, above an entrance or in your wealth corner (rear left corner of your home or office when standing at the front door).

Red is for good fortune. Black attracts wealth and offers protection.

11" from tip to tip



Chinese Coin Happy Marriage and Union Symbol

chinese coin good luck charm for marriage and partnerships chuinese feng shui marriage hanger

Chinese Happy Marriage Symbol

This relationship enhancer has 2 pairs of coins which represents marriage, union and partnership. In the Chinese language, the number 8 sounds very much like "get rich". This partnership enhancer should enrich your relationship whether it's of a romantic or business nature as it symbolizes the perfect blending of energies. Hang this Chinese good luck symbol in the bedroom for romantic relationships and in the office for those of business nature to encourage blessings of good fortune to partnerships. It is a powerful blessing for any relationship issues.

14" from tip to tip




Single Chinese Coin

chinse coins for feng shui or i ching

This is a ancient Chinese coin with traditional Chinese prosperity symbols and a dragon curled around the back. 1"


.99 each - picture shows both sides of coin