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Chakra Healing Books and Energy Healing Books

Chakras are energy centers within the body. When a chakra becomes blocked, it can create illness and/or psychological problems. Difficulties can manifest in your mundane life as well. Each chakra has a particular vibration which can be translated into color. They correlate to particular organs and emotions. It's not difficult to know whether or not your have a chakra imbalance once you learn to recognize their properties. If you have done any research on chakras, you will be familiar with the term " energy healing ". There are many types of chakra energy healing. Reiki is probably the most common. Most forms of energy healing will deal with balancing the chakras as an important part of the healing process. For healing to occur, the energy flow must be restored.
I now offer chakra healing books to help you learn energy healing in it's various forms and disciplines. My chakra crystal healing kit is a complete kit and study course to learn how to do chakra energy healing with crystals and gemstones. Dr Doreen Virtue has created a CD and book set on chakra clearing via meditation. I also carry a variety of other energy healing books that include: reiki, shamanic healing and natural herbal remedies.

Chakra and Energy Healing Books

  •  Chakra Crystal Healing Kit and Study Course
  •  Chakra Clearing book and CD set by Dr Doreen Virtue

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I offer a free chakra balancing meditation in my blog.

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Chakra Crystal Healing Kit

chakra crystal healing kit

chakra crystal healing kit

Chakra healing stones and crystals from right to left:

garnet, carnelian, citrine, aventurine, blue lace agate, sodalite, amethyst, quartz point

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Chakra crystal healing kit and study course

7 chakra crystals
1 quartz crystal point for charging
storage pouch
detailed instructions:

  • healing chakras with crystals and aromatherapy - a beginning  chakra energy guide

  • understanding chakras

  • cleansing and charging your chakra crystals

  • doing chakra energy healing on others

  • determining your clients needs

  • creating a relaxing ambience

  • a detailed chakra energy healing meditation

  • common gemstones used in chakra crystal healing and various    ways to implement them

Note: Though it is not required, a pendulum is a very useful tool in chakra energy healing as it can pick up inconsistencies that may have gone undetected.

You will find sage for cleansing your crystals here

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