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Wicca Cast Iron Cauldron

cast iron cauldron for ritual supply

What's a witch without a mysterious wicca cast iron cauldron? It's one of those got-to-have-it things in the world of Wicca. My adorable cast iron cauldrons are embellished with the triple moon goddess or a pentagram. Can you picture a ritual cauldron on your altar?

A cast iron cauldron represent the womb of mother earth. You will often hear the phrase " cauldron waters of Creatrix ". This refers to the fact the we are all children of Mother Earth.  On a Wiccan altar, a cauldron may be used to represent the goddess Creatrix or the sacred feminine. My cast iron cauldrons have many practical uses as well.


How to use Wicca Cast Iron Cauldron

  • safely contain a Wiccan ritual fire
  • brew a magickal potion
  • burn incense, herbs or candles
  • do a burning bowl ritual to rid yourself of unwanted problems (instructions included)
  • scrying - Nostradamos used a black bowl for his predictions
  • represents the goddess or sacred feminine on a Wiccan altar

Want to learn ritual magick? Check out my blog. Feel free to ask questions or share your experiences.

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cast iron pentacle cauldron for ritual supply

Pentagram Cast Iron Cauldron  - ritual cauldron

My spellbinding pentacle cauldrons are the perfect addition to your altar.

The pentagram represents the 5 elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) and is considered a symbol of protection and wisdom.

small pentagram cast iron cauldron
2 1/4 X 3" no lid
great for burning charcoal, herbs and incense or votives

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medium pentagram cast iron cauldron
3 1/4 X 4 1/2" no lid
Nostradamus used a black bowl filled with water for scrying

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large pentagram cast iron cauldron - discontinued
cast iron goddess cauldron for ritual supply

Triple Moon Goddess Cast Iron Cauldron - ritual cauldron

The triple moon goddess represents the maiden mother, crone ( 3 phases of a woman's life). It also represents the coming of power or energy. As the moon waxes (grows larger), energy grows until it peaks in the full moon stage. The energy subsides as the moon goes into the waning moon phase.
It can also refer to the constant cycles that we see in the web of life. This is a sign of wisdom, beauty and empowerment.

small triple moon goddess cast iron cauldron
2 1/4 X 3" no lid
great for burning charcoal, herbs and incense or votives

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medium triple moon goddess cast iron cauldron - discontinued


large triple moon goddess cast iron cauldron - discontinued