Real Bayberry, Soy, and Scented Candles

I carry a variety of candle styles to suit your needs. The scented candles, votives and bayberry candles are handmade in my Pennsylvania metaphysical store. The floating oil candles are a good solution to wedding and party decor ideas. I also offer Pagan ritual candles for candle magic and spells.

floating oil candles for theme wedding or party - Floating oil candles are known as water candles to some as they are made with cooking oil and water. They are an inexpensive way to add a glamorous touch to your home decor or any type of celebration. Floating oil candles are best used for creating custom decor for a theme wedding or party. I have added many great ideas on that page for theme wedding and party ideas. Most of them will add a dramatic flair to your theme decor with things you may have lying around your home.

real bayberry candles for Christmas - My real bayberry candles are hand-dipped right here in my store.  They will arrive in a cellophane bag with rustic fabric bows and a gift card with the traditional bayberry Christmas candle poem. These rustic bayberry taper candles are traditionally burned on Christmas eve or New Years eve for good luck in the new year. I follow the bayberry candle Christmas tradition myself and I can say that it does make a difference. Bayberry candles are also used in prosperity spells as they are made of 100% natural bayberry wax and beeswax.

scented mason jar candles - I created a scented pint jar candle that have great fragrances as well as magical properties. Sure you can burn them just for the scent. But for those that do energy work, my scented pint jar candles have been scented and colored for specific magical uses. They are great for meditation, energy healing, ritual and spell casting as they have been charged with reiki energy for an extra boost of power to your energy work.

scented jelly jar candles - These cute little jelly jar candles are offered in a wide variety of scents and colors. They are an affordable way to sample several scented candles or to add some fragrance variety in your home. Dessert aromas go well in the kitchen and dining room. Fresh and clean scented candles are good for the bathroom or laundry areas. Floral and herbal scented candles work well in any room and have aromatherapy benefits to help set the mood.

scented votive candles - These inexpensive scented votives are an inexpensive way to try many different candle fragrances. We offer dessert, floral and herbal fragrances. Scatter these around your home to make it feel warm and inviting. It's a good idea to light some scented candles before showing a home you'd like to sell or rent.  Votives are an inexpensive solution to candle magic.

scented discount jar candles on sale - Looking for a good quality candle at a bargain price? I lost the supplier for these decorative jars so we have put these scented candles on sale to clear them out. I offer these candles in 30 wonderful aromas. Save money on birthday or holiday gifts.

small chime candles - These small taper chime candles are used in Christmas chimes, menorahs or as Advent candles. They are available in many colors. They burn for about 2 1/2 hours which makes them an affordable solution for wiccan spells especially for spells requiring that a candle be burned till it's goes out.

spell candle kit - I offer spell candles that are custom handcrafted just for you. I use color magic, aroma magic and crystal magic to create a candle for you specifically. Each comes charged and blessed to add my energy to your own. I do include a suggested spell to work your magick.