metaphysical properties of bloodstone


Metaphysical Properties and Meaning of Bloodstone




Bloodstone Properties

Bloodstone, a form of green chalcedony, is an unusual variety of quartz.  It's created in a rock formation rather than crystal points like quartz often does. Bloodstone is a deep shade of green with flecks of red and yellow in it. Most of the time you will find it in polished form which really brings out the beautiful coloring. It is called  bloodstone because the red flecks resemble blood droplets. Hematite is often referred to as bloodstone.

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties and Meaning

Bloodstone is considered a stone of courage. It was once believed to overcome enemies, to open locked doors and break down blockages. It was carried by soldiers to  avoid being wounded and to stop bleeding.  It is worn by athletes to increase power and strength and for victory. Bloodstone may facilitate courage. It's believed to have a calming effect on fears and anger. Bloodstone has long been used to secure victory  in physical battles, competition and on a personal level.  Bloodstone, because of it's ability to increase success, lends well to attracting money. Keep a bloodstone in your wallet for good luck and good health.  Bloodstone can be used to facilitate a communication with the spiritual realms.

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tumbled bloodstone

metaphysical meaning of bloodstone

approx 3/4"

tumbled bloodstone

Soldiers and athletes may carry one to encourage courage, victory and protection from injury.

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bloodstone dowsing pendulum


psychic development bloodstone dowsing pendulum kit

bloodstone dowsing pendulum kit

A bloodstone pendulum is very useful for healers trying to locate energy imbalances in the body. It can be used for any kind of divination.


  • bloodstone pendulum
  • pendulum pouch
  • instructions on how to program and use your pendulum
  • practice tips

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bloodstone runes

bloodstone rune set

bloodstone runes set

Viking runes are an ancient practice of divining for spiritual guidance using 25 stones with symbols on them. There are different ways to lay them out to seek spiritual guidance on your questions. Runes are used very much like tarot cards but are much easier to learn as there are only 25 rune stones compared to 78 tarot cards.


  • 25 bloodstone runes
  • large rune pouch
  • instructions on rune casting and interpretation

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