Buy Sage Smudge Supply and Incense

sage smudge supplies - incense

I offer a variety of sage smudge supplies that are perfect for cleansing a new home or a home you wish to sell or as a weekly ritual to keep negative energy at bay. My incense is a wonderful aid to meditation, magick spells, aromatherapy and feng shui. Create your own all natural incense blend using natural herbal reins and Swift-Lite charcoal tablets.

  • sage sticks - Cleanse away negative energy with sage smudge sticks and supplies. Traditionally, sage is used to smudge cleanse divination tools, the ritual area, the altar, the ritual participants and the ritual supply. Sage can also be burned ceremonially to send spell intentions out into the spiritual realm or the ether. I also offer natural resin incense and Swift-lite charcoal tablets.
  •  magick & feng shui incense sticks - add some power to your magick spells
  •  herbal incense cones - give some oomph to your Wicca magick and ritual

natural soy candles

How to use incense:

  • magick spells
  • meditation aid
  • masks unpleasant odors
  • adds an extra dimension to your home decor
  • a good idea when trying to sell or rent your home
  • indulge yourself by creating a home spa
  • incense, scented candles and herbal soaps make a nice addition to a gift basket.