Allegheny Candles and Metaphysical store

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Allegheny Candles and metaphysical store is a new age shop that offers Wicca supply, divination tools and psychic development products in Pennsylvania. I don't just sell metaphysical products, I use them as well and will be happy to answer any questions you have on my products or service. My mystical shop includes candles, incense, tarot cards, crystals and jewelry. I have many metaphysical items that may help you on your own journey or a unique gift for someone else.

I spend a great deal of time looking for quality and affordable products to help folks on their spiritual journey. Many of my metaphysical products are handmade by local or American craftsmen. Handmade ritual and divination tools have a good energy to them and are better suited for energy work than those that are mass produced.

My feng shui products are imported from China which is where the practice originated. My incense, mystical clothing and celestial decor is imported from India which of course is a very spiritual country. I carry a good selection of metaphysical products including, crystal balls, pendulum kits, runes, tarot cards and psychic development tools which are all made in the USA.

 Real bayberry candles!

real bayberry candles for good luck in the new year

Share this wonderful colonial holiday tradition with your family and friends. Bayberry candles make a perfect gift idea for those who are hard to buy for. Bayberry candles are believed to bring good luck in the new year. To learn more about the history behind the bayberry legend, check out my bayberry candle page. order early because I often run out before the holidays arrive.

Metaphysical Supplies


scented candles, oil candles, bayberry candles, spell candles

 I offer a variety of high quality candles in many unique fragrances as well as unconventional candles like floating oil candles. Because it is a metaphysical shop, I offer candles for spiritual use that are charged with reiki healing energy to suit your magical needs. My candle styles include: real bayberry candle, scented votive candles and oil candles.

sage smudge supply

Smudging is a Native American tradition in which herbs (primary sage) are burned to remove negative energy. I carry a wide variety of sage smudge sticks and herbal smudges for a smudge ceremony.

chakra healing jewelry and crystal Jewelry

tree of life chakra crystal healing pendant

My crystal and metaphysical jewelry are not just for looks. If you walk a spiritual path, then you are sure to find something here that will appeal to you. I carry some very unique new age jewelry that you can wear to remind yourself of your sacred journey. My new age and crystal jewelry includes: chakra jewelry, crystal pendants and bracelets.

Psychic Development Products and Divination Tools

real crystal balls

divination tools

Divination tools are items used to obtain answers from the spiritual realm. These divine messages may come in the form of prophesy, past issues that act as a blockage in the present, guidance or inspiration. My divination tools include : tarot cards, gemstone runes, quartz crystal balls and pendulum kits

chakra energy healing products

Chakras are energy centers in your body. When they become unbalanced, your energy flow is interrupted which may result in physical, emotional and spiritual problems. Chakra energy healing is a painless yet effective means to balance the chakras and restore your body, mind and spirit. I offer chakra healing tools such as a chakra crystal healing kit, chakra jewelry and crystals that may help you balance and energize your chakras.

feng shui tools

feng shui enhancers

chan chu Chinese money frog 3 legged toad

Feng Shui is a Chinese tradition that is becoming very popular in the USA. By working with color, symbols, placement and figurines, you can change the energy flow in your home or business. Bring blessings of health, harmony and prosperity into your life. My feng shui products include: Buddha items, money dragons and money frogs, feng shui bells and enhancers