Pagan clothing and ritual clothingRitual Clothing and Pagan Clothing

Our Wiccan and Pagan clothing line continues to get better. Our flowing gauzy Wiccan skirts would be great as Pagan ritual clothing or for those sacred gatherings. The fantasy fairy, wizard and dragon t-shirts are more practical for expressing your sacred path on a daily basis.

Ritual Clothing

Ritual clothing is clothing that is worn only for ritual or other spiritual work. The idea behind having ritual clothing is that it will take on energy from you and those energies that you call upon in ritual. The more you use it, the more energized it becomes which supports your ritual needs. The other aspect of ritual clothing is that it becomes part of your ritual wares. Just as you hold your ritual tools as sacred, you will gain the same reverence for your ritual clothing.  You will begin to notice that when you see your pentacle skirt hanging there, that you feel drawn to put it on and do ritual. When you wear ritual clothing, a sense of peace and well being envelopes you and you feel a sense of readiness for ritual. You will feel empowered every time you wear ritual clothing. Liken it to a lucky hat. If you wear the hat when you play bingo, you'd feel lost without it. The same holds true for ritual clothing. It becomes more than just a means to cover your body, it becomes a sacred step in preparing for ritual. First you would take your ritual bath to cleanse away negative energy. Then you don your ritual clothing.  This takes you from the symbolic purity and innocence of the ritual bath to the protection of ritual clothing. You are like a newborn when you come out of the bath so you need protection as you come away from the symbolic birth water. As you go from the symbolic act of protection, you move toward gaining wisdom. You go from purity and innocence to protection and wisdom all from the act of ritual bath to ritual clothing.

Ritual clothing is also good for those who do energy healing or spiritual readings. Again, having clothing that supports your spiritual work not only helps you to focus, but it instills a sense of credibility to your client. I've noticed that psychics that wear something spiritual, tend to get more readings. Their clients seem to have more faith in them. I don't think that they are necessarily better at readings. I think that the ritual clothing gives them an air of mystery that encourages their client to be more relaxed and open. Ritual clothing can also we used as a meditation aid. These gauzy skirts are very comfortable and may help put you in a relaxed state of mind.

pentagram clothing - pentagram shirt and skirt

pentagram shirts and skirts - Our pentagram skirts and tops are a good choice for ritual clothing. They are a lightweight gauze fabric with a Celtic knot and pentagram print. You can layer them as they are very light and you can accessorize with jewelry, belts, shawls and scarves.

Celtic  clothing - Celtic Shirt and Skirt

Celtic shirts and skirts - Our Celtic clothing are also of the same lightweight gauze material. They would make powerful ritual clothing for those that follow Celtic traditions. Our shirts are adorned with Celtic knots and triquetra symbols. The triquetra is a symbol of the power of three which refers to the three phases of a woman's life... maiden... mother... crone. It reminds us of the ebb and flow of moon energy and life in general.

Egyptian clothing - Egyptian Shirt and Skirt

Egyptian shirts and skirts - Our Egyptian clothing line is for Pagans who follow Egyptian traditions. As we all know, ancient Egyptians were powerful magicians and held their spirituality in great reverence. Every moment of their lives was considered sacred and was lived with much

Pagan clothing fairy t-shirt wizard t-shirt dragon t-shirt

Pagan Clothing

Our Pagan clothing line includes fairy, wizard and dragon t-shirts. Though they are causal and can be worn anywhere, they can also be reserved for ritual clothing. Whatever you decide, these high quality t-shirts will serve as a reminder of the the spirits you might like to evoke to help you in your quest for spiritual wisdom.


fairy t-shirts

Our fairy t-shirts are colorful and inspiring. You can dress up or down. Fairy t-shirts can be casually worn with jeans or dressed up with a lovely skirt and accessories. Fairies are nature spirits and can be quite helpful if treated well. They can help in all sorts of situations. Fairies can help with healing and in protection. Fairies can teach you all about manifesting abundance in your life and they offer wisdom. Fairies can also help in divination and dowsing. Plant lots of flowers and herbs to attract them. If you don't have a yard, then try container gardening. Fairies are attracted to bells and wind chimes so you may want to wear bells and hang some in the garden.

wizard t-shirts

wizard t-shirt - These mystical wizard t-shirts can be worn by men or women. They have a distinctly male energy to them. Wear a wizard t-shirt to attract a spiritual teacher. If you are a spiritual teacher, then wear one to attract a student. Wizards are of course a symbol of great wisdom and power. They also teach us patience and reverence in this journey we call life. You may want to save your wizard t-shirt as ritual clothing.

dragon t-shirts

dragon t-shirt - These fearsome dragon t-shirts have a powerful energy to them. Dragons are called upon for protection, power and wisdom. Dragons also bless us with great abundance... ever see a dragon's cache'? In feng shui, dragons also bring abundant good health, happiness and harmony. Dragon t-shirts are good for ritual clothing but some just can't resist wearing them only on special occasion.

gothic t-shirts

Gothic t-shirt - Our Gothic t-shirts are designed by Joseph Vargo. They have gorgeous Gothic romance designs including gargoyles, vampires, fallen angels and ravens. Wear them as ritual clothing or casual wear.