Witchcraft and Wicca for Beginners Books

There is a saying "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I have put together a collection of Wicca for beginner books by some of my favorite Wiccan authors. These books are great for someone that wants to learn more about Wicca in the hopes of studying this often misunderstood religion or to understand a Wiccan friend or loved one. Like all religions, Wicca has good points and bad points. It can be used for good or misused for bad. The internet is full of a lot of misinformation on Wicca. I offer these Wicca for beginners books to help you gain accurate information by qualified teachers of the craft. I want you to not only learn the facts but also learn how to use Wicca in a positive way to empower yourself to create the life in which you have always dreamed. So are you ready to learn Wicca?

What is Wicca

Wicca is a form of witchcraft. It is a Pagan religion which means it's practitioners hold a great reverence for all things natural. Wicca also honors both the male and female aspects of humanity in the form of a god and a goddess. We can see in our own world what happens when the genders fall out of balance. It takes both male and female to create life. And yet, in this modern world we struggle for equality. Wicca is a beautiful religion in that it teaches tolerance and acceptance of others. Wiccans follow the natural ebb and flow of life's cycles and work with it rather than against it as most of society does now. Wiccans accept birth, death and reincarnation as a normal cycle of the spirit not to be feared, but revered. Wiccans see miracles and magick every day in the natural world. They strive for peace and harmony in the world.

What Wicca is Not

Wiccans would never harm an animal. They do not worship Satan. Satan comes from the bible and Wiccans do not acknowledge that energy. A true Wiccan would not work black magick because it goes against the Wiccan rede. I'm not saying it doesn't happen any more than a Christian whose faith doesn't allow them to see a psychic comes into my store for a reading (they are my best customers for psychic readings). There are those who bend or break the rules of all religions. And many who claim to be Wiccan and break these important rules have no idea what Wicca really is. To truly be Wiccan, one must always adhere to the idea that no harm come to anyone through your spiritual work. Wicca is not a cure-all for bad choices and bad habits. You can't work magick that will fix problems caused by bad choices and bad habits.

What is a Wiccan Spell?

A spell is the manipulation of energy through the use of words (incantations and prayers), gestures, items (incense, pictures, poppets, herbs, oils, candles etc...) and meditation. Think of a spell as an animated prayer to bring change to a situation. You can manipulate energy very well with prayer or mediation on their own. The spell and the steps to follow it are to keep you focused on the energy you are working with. Once again, spells do not work to fix bad habits and bad choices.

Beginner Wicca and Witchcraft books by Silver Ravenwolf 
To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf

ISBN 0-87542-791-X

343 pages

Silver Ravenwolf

To Ride a Silver Broomstick New Generation Witchcraft

Silver Ravenwolf offers a complete beginners guide to witchcraft and Wicca. In To Ride a Silver Broomstick you will learn:

  • how to meet and work with other witches and Pagans
  • astral projection and bi-location
  • how to find your power animal and work with their energies
  • how to stock your magical cabinet
  • the cleansing, consecration and charging of magical tools and implements
  • understand birth, death, reincarnation and time
  • discover your magical name
  • energy healing
  • understand deities and how you can use their help
  • telepathy (read thoughts), mind power and psychometry (read objects, people and places)
  • the wheel of the year with the Pagan holidays
  • what divination is and all the ways it can be done
  • different ways to do magic using color, candles and sympathetic magic
  • spell casting and creating rituals

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To Stir a Magick Cauldron by Silver Ravenwolf

ISBN 1-56718-424-3

356 pages, illus

Silver Ravenwolf

To Stir a Magick Cauldron A Witch's guide to casting and conjuring

To Stir a Magick Cauldron is a sequel to popular beginners book To Ride a Silver Broomstick. This book is good for beginners as well as intermediate level witches. It offers guidance to witches that are (or wish to be) in a coven, solitary and eclectic and traditional witches. Silver offers good explanations, exercises, techniques on traditional aspects of the craft. With To Sir a Magick Cauldron, you will learn:

  • cauldron magic
  • meditations and trance work
  • protection spells
  • banishing rituals
  • circle casting
  • energy healing
  • 10 ways to raise power
  • how to work with the power of celestial bodies
  • elemental, herb, tarot, talisman and ritual magic
  • and much more

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To Light a Sacred Flame a Wiccan book by Silver Ravenwolf

ISBN 978-1-56718-721-2

331 pages

Silver Ravenwolf

To Light a Sacred Flame Practical Witchcraft for the Millenium

To Light a Sacred Flame is the 3rd book in Silver Ravenwolf's "New Generation Witchcraft" series.  In this book, you will learn:

  • 10 mysteries of invoking your power and finding your personal magical cycle
  • trance work
  • spiritual housecleaning, banishing and blessing
  • devotions and prayers
  • moon and candle magic
  • recipes for enchanted powders
  • solitary, group, family and master rituals

This book also includes a great reference section in the back with tables on candle color, herbs, moon phases, planetary hours etc...

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The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf

ISBN 978-0-7387-0319-0

590 pages, illus.

Silver Ravenwolf

The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch

Solitary Witch is for those who are serious about learning the Wicca ways of the craft. This book covers it's a book the history and culture of magic in the Western world. Silver Ravenwolf shares her witchcraft knowledge and experience in this practical guide that includes just about everything for the series Wicca student:
  • a magickal cookbook
  • Wicca history and encyclopedia
  • witchcraft dictionary and terminology
  • grimoire
  • runes, tarot, palm reading, psychometry
  • and so much more

Information is arranged alphabetically and divided into five categories: (1) Shadows of Religion and Mystery, (2) Shadows of Objects, (3) Shadows of Expertise and Proficiency, (4) Shadows of Magick and Enchantment, and (5) Shadows of Daily Life. It is organized so readers can skip over the parts they already know, or read each section in alphabetical order.

A training companion to Teen Witch and To Ride a Silver Broomstick

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If you are looking for Wicca and Witchcraft books geared towards teens, please check out our teen Wicca books
Beginner Wicca and Witchcraft books by Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham Earth Power book

ISBN 978-0-87542-121-6

172 pages

Scott Cunningham

Earth Power Techniques of Natural Magic

Earth Power is a wonderful user friendly guide to practice natural magic. This book gives you a much larger picture of nature and how it affects you and can be utilized in your magic. Learn:

  • elemental, weather, knot, mirror, candle magic techniques
  • how to create and use magical tools


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Earth, Air, Fire and Water by Scott Cunningham

ISBN 0-87542-131-8

220 pages

Scott Cunningham
5 1/4"x8"

Earth, Air, Fire & Water more techniques of natural magic

Elemental magic is a powerful form of magic. Scott Cunningham's Earth, Air, Fire & Water is a book filled with over  75 spells, rituals and ceremonies that will teach you how to work elemental magic and to make the elements are more important influence in your life. Scott offers tried and tested techniques to empower your magic with the 4 elements. These spells and rituals are easy to understand and follow and will encourage you to take the next by creating your own methods.
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Scott Cunningham Wiccan for the Solitary Practitioner book

ISBN 978-0-87542-118-6

239 pages

Scott Cunningham
6"x9", illus.

Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Wicca: A Guide for the solitry Practitioner is probably the most recommended book on beginning Wicca. Scott covers important topics of modern Wicca including: theory, practice, tradition and resources. This down-to-earth guide teaches you not only how to become a practicing Wiccan but also how to live a magical and spiritual life that is closely connected with nature. Scott Cunningham shares his own personal Book of Shadows and Wiccan resources and suppliers. Wicca will teach you:

  • the basics of Wicca from the tools and traditions to the preparation and practice of Wicca
  • self-dedication
  • herbal magic
  • recipes for ritual food, incense and oils
  • crystal magic
  • Wiccan symbols and signs
  • rune magic
  • spells and rituals

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Scott Cunningham Living Wicca book

ISBN 0-87542-184-9

Scott Cunningham

168 pages
6"x9", illus.,index, bibliog.

Living Wicca A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Living Wicca is the sequel to Scott Cunningham's acclaimed Wicca: a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner . This book is for those who are serious about bringing Wiccan living into their everyday lives. Living Wicca offers solitary practitioners with the knowledge and understanding that will allow them to become their own high priest or priestess. With this book, you will learn:

  • the how-tos of getting started on a Wiccan path
  • glossary of Wiccan terms
  • prayers, chants, rites and magic
  • developing your own traditions, spells and rituals
  • ritual tools
  • Wiccan rules, beliefs and symbols
  • understanding deity and how it plays a role in Wicca

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Scott Cunningham A Magical Household book

ISBN 978-0-87542-124-7

Scott Cunningham

186 pages
5 1/4"x8", illus

The Magical Household Spells and Rituals for the Home

No matter what size your home is or how well appointed it is, a Wiccan needs to turn their home into a sacred space. Learn how to make your home safe and secure, comfortable and magical. With The Magical Household, you will learn fast, easy and effective spells using common household items. Learn:

  • how to purify and protect your home
  • what pets and other animal visitors and gardens bring to our magical household
  • household omens and portents
  • creating a household altar
  • incense and sachet recipes

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Beginner Wicca and Witchcraft books by Raymond Buckland
Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

ISBN 978-0-87542-050-9

346 pages

Raymond Buckland
8 1/2"x11", illus.

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

Raymond Buckland has created a wonderful resource in this book. It is the most comprehensive resource to learning and practicing of modern Wicca. This self-study course is richly illustrated and will be greatly appreciated by solitary or group Wiccans. Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft shares rituals, psychic development exercises, information on historical, traditional and modern Wicca. In addition you will find information on ritual and divination tools, Wiccan beliefs, dream work, meditation, magickal herbalism, energy healing, ritual clothing and more.

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Beginner Wicca and Witchcraft books by other authors
Thea Sabin Wiccan for Beginners book

ISBN 978-0-7387-0751-8

262 pages

Thea Sabin

Wicca For Beginners Fundamentals of Philosophy and Practice

Thea Sabin has created a wonderful book for the Wicca beginner. Discover the truths and myths that surround Wicca. Thea starts you offer with the basic Wiccan beliefs and practices and builds each chapter like a strong foundation. You will get a clear a concise understanding of each topic before she moves onto the next.  Learn practical basic techniques like grounding, raising energy, visualization, and meditation.  And then you will be moved into more advanced rituals and spell work. Learn:

  • trance work and meditation
  • Wiccan ethics
  • altars, magical and divination tools
  • ritual creation to suit your needs
  • spell work and writing your own spells

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