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Stained Glass Moroccan Lantern

Moroccan lantern

Add a mystical touch to your Moroccan style home decor. These stained glass Moroccan lanterns have a little trap door that reveals a tea light cup. Hang the star shaped candle lanterns in a window and they will splash color around on a sunny day even without a candle. In the evening, light the tea light and the candle lantern takes on a magical glow. These stained glass star lanterns remind me of fairy lights. I have a purple one hanging in my own window and I just love it. I don't know why, but my cat will often lay in the purple light cast by the stained glass when the sun shines through it. 

Some of our Moroccan lanterns can be hung or set on a table top which makes them very versatile. These colorful candle lanterns add an intriguing detail to any style of home decor.

Stained Glass Moroccan Lantern Colors and Uses:

  • Red represents energy, passion, love, vitality and the base chakra
  • Purple symbolizes spirituality, psychic awareness, divination, ritual and ceremony, the crown chakra
  • Multi colored lanterns symbolize the energy centers in the body referred to as " chakras "
  • Any color candle lantern will add to a sacred space to make it even more special. Choose a color that supports your energy.
  • My Moroccan lanterns would be good for setting up and sacred space for healing, meditation,  ritual or divination
  • All colors of candle lanterns make a whimsical gift idea for someone, with a new home or that special gardener
  • unique hostess gift
  • an elegant flair to party decor

Moroccan Lantern Details:

  • textured stained glass with vent holes for heat dissipation
  • rustic metal frame and hook
  • 8 1/2 inches high X 8 1/2 inches wide

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purple glass star Moroccan lantern

This stained glass star Moroccan candle lantern would be a good accent in any style decor. If you are creating a sacred space, multicolor would be for chakra balancing as well as color therapy.

purple - divinity, psychic awareness, power, crown chakra

moroccan lantern - moroccan candle lantern

approx 11" from top of ring to bottom / uses standard tea light candle - not included

Was $19.99 now $12.99 - 1 left

red Moroccan candle lantern - mosque style

The red stained glass Moroccan lantern would be a perfect touch in any ethnic home decor. For a sacred space, red is for love and passion. It also brings energy to any situation.

This 10 1/2" high Moroccan lantern / uses standard tea light candle - not included

red Moroccan lantern

Was $19.99 now $12.99


purple glass Moroccan lantern - temple style

The purple stained glass Moroccan lantern is 9 1/2" high.  / uses standard tea light candle - not included

In a sacred space, purple brings psychic awareness.

Moroccan lantern purple

Was $19.99 now $12.99