Pagan jewelry and crystal gemstone jewelry

Crystal Gemstone Jewelry and Wiccan Jewelry

We offer a beautiful selection of  crystal gemstone jewelry that is not just lovely, but has spiritual benefit as well. Our sterling silver spiritual Pagan jewelry is available in many designs including:  chakra healing, Wiccan pentagram, triquetra, Egyptian, Celtic, Dragon, Fairy and goddess designs.

Crystal Gemstone Jewelry

Crystals and gemstones are believed by many to possess metaphysical properties. A good example is quartz crystal. One metaphysical property of quartz crystal is that it gives and receives energy. Hence the reason you see it used to power clocks and watches. It can also have the same effect on a person and inanimate objects such as tarot cards. The nice thing about crystal and gemstones is that they never run out of energy. They can be easily cleansed and recharged. We can easily use the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones by simply holding them. However, crystal gemstone jewelry is a more practical and beautiful way to utilize the metaphysical properties of these lovely gifts from the earth.  

I believe that we should gift ourselves and loved ones from time to time with a small spiritual gift from your higher self, your spirit guides or angels. Crystal gemstone jewelry can be a spiritual gift of encouragement or reward for a job well done.

crystal gemstone jewelry

We offer a nice selection of beautiful crystal gemstone jewelry to suit your needs. We have wire wrapped crystal pendants for those that want a natural crystal point pendant. These wire wrapped crystals can also be used as a dowsing pendulum. You will also find our beautiful chakra crystal pendants and gemstone pendants for energy healing.

crystal gemstone bracelets

Our crystal bracelets and  chakra bracelets are not just incredibly beautiful, they have healing and metaphysical properties as well. They make a wonderful gift idea for a loved one who could use a spiritual boost.

Pagan Jewelry

The term Pagan can often bring a sense of fear to many. When in fact, it simply means religion of the people. In a nutshell, Paganism is a belief that everything is spiritually connected and thus deemed sacred. Pagans revere the earth and creatures within but do not worship them. Generally speaking, We are an empowered people who look within for spiritual solutions rather than believing that we are being punished by God or tormented by the devil. We are peace loving and forgiving. We seek spiritual wisdom and understanding with the hope of evolving spiritually.  Most of what people think they know about Paganism is inaccurate.

The pentacle is a 5 pointed star known as the pentagram with a circle around it. I refer to them all as pentagrams because many people believe they are the same. It really doesn't matter. The pentagram represents the 4 elements with the addition the element of spirit that is recognized by Pagans. If you look at the pentagram, you will see the symbolism of a person with outstretched arms and legs. There is nothing negative or Satanic about it. Basically, the pentagram is a symbol of protection and wisdom to Pagans. We were them to remind us of our spiritual path and the obligations we have chosen by walking this path. The Wiccan pentagram is also a symbol of the web of life and that everything is connected. This reminds us that everything we do has a ripple effect in the world so it is wise to think before acting or reacting. It serves as a reminder of the phrase in the Wiccan rede "an ye harm none, do as ye will". In other words, whatever you send out comes back to you times 3. Lastly, the pentagram is a symbol of kinship. It allows us to recognize others who walk a similar path. The pentagram is not a symbol to be feared, but rather a symbol to be revered.

pentagram jewelry

This page offers larger size Wiccan pentagram pendants from basic to detailed. I wear a pentagram every day to remind myself of why I am walking this mundane path. It offers protection and gives me a sense of peace when I feel overwhelmed. I wear my pentagram because I am proud to walk the path less traveled.

pentagram jewelry page 2

These smaller Wiccan pentagram charms can be worn as a small pendant or would work well for a child.

Pagan symbol jewelry

These symbols are not necessarily Pagan. I would say they are more historical or cultural symbols. However, many Pagans paths are based on ancient cultures and the symbols that were conceived in that era such as, ankh, triquetra, goddess, eye of Horus etc.... To wear these symbolic pendants in no way indicates that you are Pagan.

Wiccan earrings

Your outfit is never complete without matching jewelry. These earring match many of our Pagan jewelry styles

Wiccan Magick spell amulets

Magick doesn't get any easier. These mystical pewter pendants have ancient Theban magickal script on one side and English on the reverse. They have a little gift card with a poem to be recited daily to make your Wiccan magick spell intention come into being. Buy one for yourself or gift someone who needs spiritual assistance.