Chinese Good Fortune Feng Shui Bells

In feng shui, bells are used to remove negative energy to bring harmony, peace, energy, happiness and prosperity to the home. We can't guarantee your results... but it has worked for the Chinese for centuries. Any of these Chinese bells will make a great conversation piece in your home. Feng Shui bells also are a thoughtful gift idea for a housewarming, wedding or baby shower.
 If you've ever been to a Catholic mass, you've seen them ring bells near the altar before beginning communion. This is to clear away negative energy. Bells and chimes also attract fairies and raise your own vibration and mood.

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lucky cat feng shui bell

making wishes come true... The legend: One day, a feudal lord was caught in a storm while hunting and took refuge under a tree. While he waited for the storm to pass, the temples pet cat, Tama, beckoned him to come inside the temple gate. He followed the cat inside and instantly, a lightening bolt had struck the place where the lord had been standing. Thus, the cat saved his life. From then on, the cat has been a symbol of luck and good fortune.

lucky cat feng shui bell


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double carp prosperity feng shui bell

This one is an excellent energizer for marriage luck but also is an auspicious symbol of abundant good fortune and bliss. This pair of carp surround a Chinese coin - symbol of abundance and continued prosperity. With 2 Kwan Yin prosperity bells hanging below, this is an excellent addition to the prosperity or love corner of your home.
Great idea for a wedding gift

lucky carp feng shui bell


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Chinese Dragon feng shui bell

brass approx. 5" high

The Chinese dragon represents good fortune, luck and protection. Place this dragon gong on your desk or in your business to attract the flow of abundance and prosperity as well as protection.

Chinese dragon bell

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children's blessing feng shui bell
Represents the good fortune that lots of children bring to a home. Symbols of abundance, personal happiness and longevity adorn this bell.
A wonderful gift for new parents or a new home.
child blessing feng shui bell



Chan Chu Feng Shui money frog bell

brass 15"

This brass Chan Chu money frog sits upon his gathered wealth and holds a coin in his mouth to represent the continued flow of prosperity.

Place your money frog bell near your front door or your cash register. Feng shui money frogs are usually placed near a cash register or in a wealth corner. Placing Chan Chu inside your front door facing inwards symbolizes money coming in to your home or business.

chan chu brass feng shui money frog


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