Wiccan Cloak or Ritual Robe

What it a witch without a robe? It is one of those things you must have for your sacred self. A ritual robe isn't just to keep you warm, it is a sacred tool that is part of your ritual or ceremony. Donning a ritual robe, you envelope yourself in spiritual protection. The robe itself goes from being an everyday garment to an empowered implement to your ritual. As you place it on your shoulders, it subconsciously tells you that you are ready for ritual. A ritual robe is an integral part of any Pagan ritual or ceremony.

  These mystical Wiccan cloaks can be worn to ritual or a Renaissance Faire, Wiccan festival or concert. They can also be used as ritual clothing or given as a gift for that spiritual someone.

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Wiccan Cloak or Ritual Robe Details

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wiccan ritual robe - wiccan cloak Black Velvet Wiccan Ritual Robe

full length - measurement from nape of neck to bottom is approx. 58"


corded Celtic knot clasp at throat

I love these ritual robes. They are very luxurious and yet budget friendly. They make a great gift for the Wiccan or Pagan in your life... or anyone who follows a spiritual path which includes rituals and ceremonies.


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