Highly Scented Jelly Jar Candles 

highly scented jar candles

My scented half pint jelly jar candles are an affordable way to fill your home with rich fragrance. They make an inexpensive gift or addition to a gift basket. They can be used to freshen a room, add romance, lighten a mood etc...These 1/2 pint jelly jar highly scented candles have been my best seller. They are handcrafted in our metaphysical store using the finest fragrances an d soy waxes available. Because I've been making candles for over 18 years, I've become a stickler for oils that really smell like they should. I believe your mouth should water when you smell apple pie and you should be reminded of Grandma's garden when you light a lilac candle. At this price, you can try several fragrances.

richly scented jar candles

Key Benefits of Scented Jelly Jar Candles

  •  Many unique fragrances available in floral, herbal and dessert aromas
  •  The affordable price allows you to choose more than one
  •  These richly scented candles will give you approximately 48 hours of burn time
  •  100% natural soy wax made in the USA

Dessert Scented Jelly Jar Candle

To order jelly jar candles, add the quantity to your choices and hit the button below

apple pie scented jelly jar candle

apples, crust and a hint of spice - just like a warm apple pie just out of the oven / golden brown

  apple pie: was $6.99  now $5.99
banana bread scented jelly jar candle

just like real banana bread just out of the oven / golden brown

banana nut bread: was $6.99  now $5.99
cinnamon scented jelly jar candle

just like the real cinnamon / dark rust

money spells

cinnamon: was $6.99  now $5.99
citrus sage scented jelly jar candle

a pleasant (not lemony) citrus aroma with undertones of sage / bright yellow / green

cleansing spells

citrus sage:  was $6.99  now $5.99
spiced cranberry scented jelly jar candle

sweet, tart of cranberry with a hint of spice - great for the holidays / deep red

spiced cranberry:  was $6.99  now $5.99
mulberry scented jelly jar candle

mulberry is a wonderful fruity aroma with a balance of sweet and tart / dark red

mulberry: was $6.99  now $5.99
coffee scented jelly jar candle

smells like freshly brewed coffee / brown

coffee bean: was $6.99  now $5.99
peach scented jelly jar candle

just like a juicy ripe peach / peach

Georgia peach: was $6.99  now $5.99
spiced pumpkin scented jelly jar candle

smells like a pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven - a wonderful pumpkin aroma with undertones of spice / rust

spiced pumpkin: was $6.99  now $5.99
strawberry scented jelly jar candle

sweet and tart just like wild strawberries / red

sweet strawberry: was $6.99  now $5.99
tangerine scented jelly jar candle

mouth watering like a juicy tangerine sweet and tangy / bright orange

tangy tangerine was $6.99  now $5.99

hot fudge brownie scented jelly jar candle

mouth watering chocolate aroma / brown

chocolate brownie: was $6.99  now $5.99
blueberry scented jelly jar candle

sweet and fruity like wild blueberry / blue

wild blueberry: was $6.99  now $5.99
vanilla scented jelly jar candle

a deep rich vanilla aroma  / cream

vanilla velvet: was $6.99  now $5.99
maple syrup scented jelly jar candle

 hot pancakes drenched in maple syrup / reddish brown

maple pecan: was $6.99  now $5.99

Herbal Scented Jelly Jar Candle

bayberry scented jelly jar candle

bayberry offers a fresh herbal pine sort of aroma which is great when you long for the smell of a live Christmas tree. / dark olive green

money and good luck spells

bayberry: was $6.99  now $5.99
eucalyptus scented jelly jar candle

eucalyptus is a fresh, clean, bold aroma of menthol / green

healing spells

eucalyptus: was $6.99  now $5.99
frankincense and myrrh scented jelly jar candle

frankincense and myrrh give off a wonderful rich herbal aroma with spicy undertones - a Christmas tradition / black

protection spells

frankincense & myrrh: was $6.99  now $5.99
patchouli scented jelly jar candle

patchouli is a potent earthy aroma that folks either love or hate (smells like the earth after rain or just as the snow melts) - a powerful aphrodisiac used in most perfume formulas / purple

love and money  spells

patchouli: was $6.99  now $5.99
citronella scented jelly jar candle

summer just isn't the same without the nostalgic small of citronella / yellow

citronella: was $6.99  now $5.99
sandalwood scented jelly jar candle

sandalwood is known for it's deep, rich musky aroma, a powerful aphrodisiac used in most perfume formulas / white

love or purification spell

sandalwood: was $6.99  now $5.99
rosemary scented jelly jar candle

bold, herbal, slightly peppery like a sprig of fresh rosemary / green

love, fidelity and protection spells

rosemary: was $6.99  now $5.99
cedar scented jelly jar candle

earthy like cedar wood / green

purification, healing and protection spells

cedar: was $6.99  now $5.99
balsam pine scented jelly jar candle

like a freshly cut balsam fir christmas tree / green

purification, healing and protection spells

balsam pine: was $6.99  now $5.99
cannabis candle - marijuana candle -  pot candle

My cannabis candles are not a "pleasant" fragrance. It's more of a novelty. Smells just like marijuana smoke.  / green

cannabis / marijuana: was $6.99  now $5.99

Floral Scented Jar Candle

lavender scented jelly jar candle

lavender imparts a bold, clean, has a masculine note to it like aftershave / blue


lavender: was $6.99  now $5.99
lilac scented jelly jar candle

just like a real lilac blossom / periwinkle

peace, tranquility and love spells

lilac: was $6.99  now $5.99
nag champa scented jelly jar candle

very bold like the incense it's named after / cream

psychic awareness spell

nag champa: was $6.99  now $5.99
ylang ylang scented jelly jar candle

ylang ylang is a pleasant rich herbal aroma that is hard to describe / deep red

love spells

ylang ylang: was $6.99  now $5.99
Victorian rose scented jelly jar candle

just like freshly picked roses / pink

love spells

Victorian rose: was $6.99  now $5.99
ocean mist scented jelly jar candle

a bright, clean aroma that smells like Zest soap / aquamarine

ocean mist: out of stock
jasmine scented jelly jar candle

smells like real jasmine flowers / yellow

love spells

jasmine: was $6.99  now $5.99