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Chakra Healing Books and Energy Healing Books

Chakras are energy centers within the body. When a chakra becomes blocked, it can create illness and/or psychological problems. Difficulties can manifest in your mundane life as well. Each chakra has a particular vibration which can be translated into color. They correlate to particular organs and emotions. It's not difficult to know whether or not your have a chakra imbalance once you learn to recognize their properties. If you have done any research on chakras, you will be familiar with the term " energy healing ". There are many types of chakra energy healing. Reiki is probably the most common. Most forms of energy healing will deal with balancing the chakras as an important part of the healing process. For healing to occur, the energy flow must be restored.
I now offer chakra healing books to help you learn energy healing in it's various forms and disciplines. Our chakra crystal healing kit is a complete kit and study course to learn how to do chakra energy healing with crystals and gemstones. Dr Doreen Virtue has created a CD and book set on chakra clearing via meditation. I also carry a variety of other energy healing books that include: reiki, shamanic healing and natural herbal remedies.

Chakra and Energy Healing Books

  •  Chakra Crystal Healing Kit and Study Course
  •  Chakra Clearing book and CD set by Dr Doreen Virtue
  •  How to Heal With Color
  •  How to See and Read the Aura
  •  Meditation for Beginners
  •  The Magick of Reiki
  •  The Book of Shamanic Healing
  •  Chakra Therapy Book
  •  Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
  •  Jude's Herbal Home Remedies

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I offer a free chakra balancing meditation in my blog.

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Chakra Crystal Healing Kit

chakra crystal healing kit

chakra crystal healing kit

Chakra healing stones and crystals from right to left:

garnet, carnelian, citrine, aventurine, blue lace agate, sodalite, amethyst, quartz point

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Chakra crystal healing kit and study course

7 chakra crystals
1 quartz crystal point for charging
storage pouch
detailed instructions:

  • healing chakras with crystals and aromatherapy - a beginning  chakra energy guide

  • understanding chakras

  • cleansing and charging your chakra crystals

  • doing chakra energy healing on others

  • determining your clients needs

  • creating a relaxing ambience

  • a detailed chakra energy healing meditation

  • common gemstones used in chakra crystal healing and various    ways to implement them

Note: Though it is not required, a pendulum is a very useful tool in chakra energy healing as it can pick up inconsistencies that may have gone undetected.

We do recommend Doreen Virtue's chakra clearing book and CD set below for those who need a recorded guided chakra meditation in order to stay focused.

You will find sage for cleansing your crystals here

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Doreen Virtue chakra balancing book and CD set

Chakra Healing book and CD set

In Dr Doreen Virtue's chakra energy healing book and CD set, you will learn about your chakras, how they function and how to clear blockages within them. Chakra energy healing restores energy flow and balance within the body and spirit. The CD offers guided meditations and visualizations for chakra energy healing and enhancing your psychic abilities.

ISBN 1-4019-0277-4   107 pages, illus.    hardcover and CD    Dr. Doreen Virtue

$17.95   on sale $9.00

the art of spiritual healing

The Art of  Spiritual healing book

Healing energy is always flowing through you—discover how to recognize and tap this incredible healing source. Each of us has the potential to heal ourselves and become a channel for healing others. The step-by-step directions in this chakra and energy handbook will teach you how to:

—Develop “attention,” a key factor in energy work and healing
—See and feel auras, and use them as a diagnostic tool
—Open and balance the chakras
—Heal through vibration, polarization, and empathetic
healing techniques
—Channel healing energy from a distance

You can become a wellspring for Divine healing energy and spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being and health using the powerful techniques and practices in this book.
Keith Sherwood 

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how to healing with color chakra healing book

How to Heal With Color book

Color is everywhere and affects us more than we may be aware. You can learn how to heal with color to heal the body and balance energy. Ted Andrews has written this book which offers methods to develop you natural healing abilities. Included is a chart listing colors that will benefit more than 50 physical conditions. Following his easy techniques, you will learn the how and why color healing works. You will learn Ted's system for healing yourself and others with the use of colored candles, fabric, lights and charged water.

With Ted's book How to Heal With Color, you will learn:

* Use color to balance and restore your energy
* Determine which colors you need using simple assessments
* Project and absorb the healing properties of color
* Develop the ability to "sense" color with easy, fun exercises

ISBN 0-7387-0811-9   176 pages, illus.  Ted Andrews

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meditation for beginners energy healing book

Meditation for Beginners book

Most people believe meditation is difficult to learn. Actually, it is a normal state of awareness that can be developed with a few minutes of practice each day with amazing benefit. Meditation for Beginners offers an easy 1,2,3 approach to meditation. It  provides exercises that introduce you to the possibilities of this ancient spiritual practice. Through meditation, you can improve concentration, learn to relax your body quickly, work with your innate healing skills, and enhance performance in all kinds of activities.

- Contains step-by-step meditation exercises
- Shows how to develop a consistent meditation effort in just a few minutes each day
- Explores many different ways to meditate, including kundalini yoga, walking meditation, dream meditation, tarot meditations, healing meditation.

ISBN 978-0-7387-0203-2   242 pages   Stephanie Clement, PH.D

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chakras for beginners

Chakras for Beginners book

You may think that difficult situations and emotions you experience are caused by other people or random events. This book will convince you that inner imbalance is not caused by situations in the outer world—instead, your imbalances create the situations that interfere with your sense of well-being and peace.

Chakras for Beginners explains how to align your energy on many levels to achieve balance and health from the inside out. In everyday terms, you will learn the function of the seven body-spirit energy vortexes called chakras. Practical exercises, meditations, and powerful techniques for working with your energy flow will help you overcome imbalances that block your spiritual progress.
•Discover colors and crystals that activate each chakra
•Explore the balanced and unbalanced expressions of each chakra's energies: survival, sexuality, power, love, creativity, intuition, and spirituality
•Practice spiritual exercises, visualizations, and meditations that bring your energies into balance
David Pond

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aura energy book

Aura Energy Book


In his latest book, Dr. Joe H. Slate illustrates how each one of us has the power to see the aura, interpret it, and fine-tune it to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being. College students have used his techniques to raise their grade-point averages, gain admission to graduate programs, and eventually get the jobs they want. Now you can use his aura empowerment program to initiate an exciting new spiral of growth in all areas of your life.


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