good luck bracelet for attracting good fortune and moneyGemstone and Crystal Bracelets and Chakra Bracelet

Crystal healing and chakra healing have to do with using crystals and gemstones to balance the chakras. The chakras are energy centers within the body that when not in balance, create illness, obstacles and difficulties on our life. To heal the chakras means to cleanse and energize them and make them approximately the same size. It's very easy to do. You don't need crystals to do chakra healing but they do add their own energy to your intentions.. thus making your efforts more effective. Our crystal chakra bracelets also serve as a reminder to be aware of your chakras. I carry 2 bracelets that may clear and energize all 7 of the major chakras. I also carry crystal bracelets that are specific to a particular chakra. For some of us, we struggle blockages to a certain chakra (s). For example, a person who was abused as a child may become an abused adult as they have never recovered from the original abuse. This may strongly affect the heart chakra. This person may overcome these issues by healing their heart chakra through counseling (for emotional healing and release) and psychological treatment.  Crystal healing may prove to be beneficial to that treatment. If you are shy, you might benefit from crystals to heal the throat chakra. Some crystals are believed to help certain physical ailments and disorders. I do believe that they help BUT, they are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. I do recommend you experiment with crystal healing to decide for yourself if you are a believer or not.

If you are interested in learning chakra crystal energy healing, please check our chakra crystal healing sets.

Crystal Bracelet and Chakra Bracelet Styles

Chakras are the energy centers in your body. We are dealing with the 7 main body chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Balancing the chakras refers to making the chakras all similar in size. Clearing the chakras refers to clearing away negative energy that is blocking the chakra in question. Chakra healing is a combination of the 2 and energizing them.

The top 2 chakras deal more with psychic and spiritual.

The middle 2 chakras deal with intuition, empathic abilities and emotional healing. The heart chakra allows us to "feel" while the throat chakra allows us to communicate. Communication may mean that you are able to give and receive messages from spirit to help yourself or someone in need. You may also act as a "shoulder to cry on" that allows this person to vent their emotions and heal from "getting it out in the open".  The heart chakra is the connector between the lower more mundane chakras and the higher more spiritual chakras.

The bottom 3 chakras deal with more mundane issues. The solar plexus chakra has to do with relationships of all kinds, your feelings about controlling or being controlled and power. The naval or sacral chakra deals with your wants and needs. It relates to addictions, good and bad health habits and attitudes about yourself. The root chakra deals with career, money, home, stability, safety, possessions and having the essentials for a comfortable life.

Crystal Bracelets

Disclaimer: Our chakra bracelets, crystal healing bracelets and spell bracelets are not a substitution for medical treatment. They are meant to be used as a supplement. I can't guarantee the success of any of our healing bracelets as nothing in life comes with a guarantee. Energy work is like a prayer. It will work out in the way that is best for you as decided by your higher self. In other words, you may not find a cure for problem but perhaps gain a perspective that allows you to find wisdom from the experience of situation.

I believe that crystal healing works and I urge your to try it and decide for yourself.


Chakra Bracelet Photo

Stone sizes and shapes will vary.

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Chakra Bracelet Details and Ordering

All of our bracelets include an explanation of the metaphysical properties of the gemstones on the bracelet

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crystal chakra bracelet


stretch crystal chakra bracelet

stones vary in size and shape

I have created this crystal chakra bracelet using crystals and gemstones that correspond to the 7 major body chakras. In wearing this chakra bracelet, you will be reminded to mindful of your chakras and to keep them in balance. I will include my own chakra balancing meditation to help you clear, balance and energize your chakras.

  • mahogany obsidian - root chakra
  • carnelian - sacral or naval chakra
  • citrine - solar plexus chakra
  • aventurine - heart chakra
  • blue lace agate - throat chakra
  • sodalite - brow chakra
  • amethyst - crown chakra
  • quartz crystal - balances and harmonizes all the chakra and gemstone energies

See explanations above for what the chakras relate to.

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crystal chakra bracelet

stretch crystal chakra bracelet

The first 3 chakras deal with material world issues and the top 3 are spiritual. The heart chakra bridges the gap between the 2 worlds within us.

  • red - root chakra - survival and sustenance concerns (money, shelter, food and basic material needs)
  • orange - sacral or naval chakra - physical desires, appetites and addictions
  • yellow - solar plexus chakra - power and control
  • green - heart chakra - love - clairsentience
  • blue - throat chakra - communication - speaking your truth and getting your message across, relating messages from spirit
  • indigo - brow chakra - clairvoyance
  • purple - crown chakra - divine guidance
  • clear crystals balance and harmonize the other colors

I have created this colorful chakra bead bracelet to you balance you chakras. Included is my own chakra balancing meditation to help you clear, balance and energize your chakras.

crystal chakra bracelet:

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quartz crystal bracelet for chakra crystal healing

stretch tumbled quartz crystal bracelet for chakra healing

quartz crystal balances, energizes and harmonizes the chakras

stones vary in size
quartz crystal - clear, glass-like with inclusions, rainbows and clouds

Quartz is a very versatile crystal. It is used for healing, meditation, protection, energy, clarification and understanding, psychic awareness, divination. Amplifies thought forms, clears negativity from your aura, receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy. Improves interdimensional communication and communication with higher self, angels and spirit guides.  Quartz is a great mediation aid. Quartz may help brain function and energy flow to the entire body and it's systems. If you can only afford one metaphysical gemstone, quartz is the one to buy.

quartz crystal bracelet:

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amethyst bracelet for psychic ability and crystal healing

stretch tumbled amethyst bracelet for chakra healing

amethyst energizes the crown chakra

amethyst - clear lavender - purple in color
Amethyst has metaphysical properties that help with: dreams, healing, enhancing psychic abilities & awareness, love & happiness. Amethyst may be helpful in overcoming addictions. It may help endocrine and immune systems, right brain activity, pituitary and pineal glands, powerful blood cleanser and mental disorders. This bracelet is a must-have for anyone doing psychic readings or trying to enhance psychic abilities.

amethyst bracelet:

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tumbled sodalite bracelet

stretch tumbled sodalite bracelet for chakra healing

sodalite energizes the brow or 3rd eye chakra

stones vary in size
sodalite - indigo blue to white... resembles acid washed denim

Sodalite is a gemstone that helps encourage peace and tranquility. For this reason, it's a good choice for meditation or for those with stress related problems. Enhances communication, creative expression and clarity. May help pancreas, endocrine system, metabolism and lymphatic systems.

sodalite bracelet:

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tumbled aquamarine bracelet throat chakra jewelry

stretch tumbled aquamarine bracelet for chakra healing

aquamarine energizes the throat chakra

aquamarine - beautiful shades of soft pale earthy greenish blue

Aquamarine is a calming stone that is good for meditation or stress relief. It soothes and balances the emotions, brings clarity to the mind and enhances creativity. Aquamarine helps overcome fears and phobias. It may help with kidneys, liver, spleen and thyroid.

aquamarine bracelet:

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aventurine bracelet for chakra crystal healing and good luck

stretch tumbled aventurine bracelet for chakra healing

aventurine energizes the heart chakra

aventurine - beautiful shades of earthy green

Aventurine is a healing gemstone that has the added bonus of attracting good fortune. May stimulate muscle tissue and circulatory system, general health and well-being. Our aventurine bracelet should be worn by healers or those who need healing energy as well as folks wishing to attract good fortune and money. Heart chakra healing jewelry

aventurine bracelet:

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rose quartz bracelet for healing the heart chakra

stretch tumbled rose quartz bracelet

rose quartz energizes the heart chakra and encourages emotional healing

rose quartz - a lovely soft pink stone

Rose quartz is believed in crystal healing to benefit the heart and circulatory system, headaches, kidneys, spleen, sexual problems including infertility, sinus and throat problems, depression, addictions, aging, may reduce wrinkles, fibromyalgia, and diet. Rose quartz may ease pregnancy and childbirth. It is believed that rose quartz is helpful brain function and improving intellect.

rose quartz bracelet:

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citrine bracelet to attract money

stretch tumbled citrine bracelet for chakra healing

citrine energizes the solar plexus chakra

citrine - clear yellow crystal with white inclusions and rainbows

Citrine is used to balance the solar plexus chakra and to align oneself with the high self. It increases self esteem and works with higher self to heal old patterns and habits. Detoxifies physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Good for digestive organs. Citrine is a powerful prosperity stone and can be worn to attract the flow of money. Citrine is known as the merchant's stone.


1 citrine bracelet (3 pictured):

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tigere eye bracelet for healing the root chakra

stretch tumbled tiger eye bracelet for chakra healing

tiger eye can be used to energize the solar plexus chakra

tiger eye - a banded stone of gold, black and brown that has a reflective quality to it like a cat's eye

Tiger eye helps in protection and grounding. It improves personal integrity, courage, strength and willpower. Tiger eye is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. It's a very protective stone particularly during travel. Tiger eye can bring clarity and understanding to a situation and enhances one's personal power. Tiger eye energizes the solar plexus chakra.

tiger eye bracelet: $12.99

was $12.99 now $9.99

tumbled carnelian bracelet sacral or naval chakra bracelet

stretch tumbled carnelian bracelet for chakra healing

carnelian energizes the naval or sacral chakra

carnelian - orange to red in color.

Carnelian is a blood energizer, aids kidneys, liver, gallbladder, lungs and pancreas. Vitalizes the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Enhances a connection with the higher self. The artist's stone.

carnelian bracelet: $12.99

was $12.99 now $9.99

hematite bracelet for protection and crystal healing

stretch tumbled hematite bracelet for chakra healing

hematite can be used to energize the root chakra

hematite - a black stone with a metallic reflection

Hematite has metaphysical properties that help in grounding, protection and reflecting negative energy. This hematite bracelet is a good choice for anyone doing ritual. Ritual raises energy that attracts the interest of others who may wish you harm. Hematite healing properties may help improve memory, mental focus and concentration. Hematite has been used to treat blood related illnesses such as anemia, menstrual problems and hemophilia.

hematite bracelet:

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magnetic hematite braceletmagnetic hematite bracelet

hematite can be used to energize the root chakra

hematite - a black stone with a metallic reflection

Hematite has metaphysical properties that help in grounding, protection and reflecting negative energy. This hematite bracelet is a good choice for anyone doing ritual. Ritual raises energy that attracts the interest of others who may wish you harm. Hematite healing properties may help improve memory, mental focus and concentration. Hematite has been used to treat blood related illnesses such as anemia, menstrual problems and hemophilia. This is magnetic hematite which is believed to be a powerful healing stone. Magnetic hematite can also be used to attract what you want. So you could use it in combination with another crystal. If you wanted good luck, wear magnetic hematite and a jade bracelet.



magnetic hematite bracelet:

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black obsidian bracelet root chakra bracelet, protection bracelet

stretch tumbled black obsidian bracelet for chakra healing

Black obsidian can be used to energize the root chakra

 black obsidian - snowflake obsidian is pictured- black obsidian is the same but lacks the white patches.

Black obsidian is natural volcanic glass. Allows one to see their flaws and the necessary changes that may eliminate them. Black obsidian gives a clear vision on a required course of action. It is an excellent grounding stone as well as powerful protection. Black obsidian shields against negativity and transforms negative vibrations in the environment. Obsidian dispels unloving thoughts which arise from within the self.

black obsidian bracelet:

was $12.99 now $9.99

Crystal Healing Jewelry Photo Crystal Healing Jewelry Details and Ordering  
tumbled fluorite bracelet for crystal healing

stretch tumbled fluorite bracelet

meditation and sleep aid, psychic awareness and spiritual growth

Fluorite is a stone that ranges from clear, blue, green and purple. You may have one that is one of those colors or all of them layered in bands. Fluorite is a lovely spiritual stone that enhances your psychic awareness and spiritual growth. It's calming effect makes is good for meditation and sleep. Fluorite has a grounding effect and improves focus. It's excellent for mental and emotional balancing. May help spleen, bones, brain, nervous system and thyroid gland.

fluorite bracelet:

was $14.99 now $13.99

rose quartz bracelet for love spell

stretch rose quartz bracelet - love spell bracelet

I have chosen a mix of rose quartz, clear quartz, rhodonite, amethyst, blue lace agate because they each have properties that can help in attracting love. I bless each love spell bracelet to help you attract love into your life.

  • rose quartz - emotional healing, self-love and love attracting
  • clear quartz - programmed to attract love
  • rhodonite - self-esteem, confidence, manifests love energy
  • amethyst - divine love, psychic connection, transforms negative energy into positive
  • moonstone - balances emotions, increases intuition
love spell bracelet: was $24.99 now $22.99
good luck bracelet for attracting good fortune and money

stretch good luck spell bracelet

good luck, money drawing, games of chance

I have created this good luck bracelet by combining the lucky and prosperous properties of jade, citrine, aventurine, pyrite, quartz, tiger eye, unakite. I bless each good luck spell bracelet to help you attract good luck into your life.

  • jade - good luck, prosperity
  • citrine - "merchant stone", improves business, attracts money
  • aventurine - good luck especially in games of chance, attracts money
  • iron pyrite - "fools gold", attracts money into your life
  • tiger eye - financial stability, prosperity, manifesting your desire
  • unakite - prosperity and "abundant harvest"
  • quartz - good luck, harmonize the energies of other stones
good luck spell bracelet: was $24.99 now $22.99



crystal healing jewelry - protection bracelet

stretch protection spell bracelet

protection in the material and psychic planes

I have created this protection bracelet by combining the powerful protection properties of tiger eye, amethyst, quartz, hematite, red jasper, black jasper, snowflake obsidian, mahogany obsidian. I bless each protection spell bracelet to help you attract protection from the spiritual realm.

  • tiger eye - strength, courage, passion, manifesting your desires
  • amethyst - protection on the psychic and spiritual levels
  • quartz - powerful protection and clarity
  • hematite - powerful protection and reflects negative energy
  • red jasper -
  • black jasper - highly protective, brings good fortune to the bearer in a fight (be in mental, legal, physical)
  • snowflake obsidian - absorbs and dispels negative energy
  • mahogany obsidian - reduces fear and rebalances your focus towards a more positive outlook


protection bracelet: was $24.99 now $22.99


crystal healing bracelet for psychic awareness spell

stretch psychic awareness bracelet

wear during any type of spiritual work to open the channels between this world and the realm of spirit

I have created this psychic awareness bracelet using quartz, amethyst, moonstone, citrine, jade, sodalite, pearl which are known for their powerful connection to spirit. I bless each psychic awareness bracelet to help you connect with spirit in a positive and safe manner.

  • amethyst - powerful psychic awareness, protection on the psychic and spiritual levels
  • quartz - powerful protection and clarity
  • moonstone - a calming stone that increases intuitive and empathic abilities
  • citrine - helps create a powerful connection with your higher self
  • jade - helps in past life recall and ancient teachings
  • sodalite - opens the 3rd eye, also has a calming effect which helps you connect with spirit
  • pearl - a powerful conduit with the spiritual realm that offers protection during spiritual work


psychic awareness bracelet: was $24.99 now $22.99


crystal healing bracelet for fertility spell

stretch fertility spell bracelet for pregnancy

I have created this fertility bracelet by combining unakite, rose quartz, quartz, moonstone, snowflake obsidian, pearl, jade all which are know for the metaphysical properties related to fertility. I bless each fertility spell bracelet to encourage you to become pregnant (or become a parent in some other way).

  • unakite - considered to be very beneficial for pregnancy and childbirth. Unakite may benefit the heart, circulatory system, female and male reproductive systems,  and may make pregnancy and childbirth easier, unakite connects us to nature and mother earth
  • rose quartz - fertility, it's a "mother's stone", emotional healing and unconditional love
  • quartz - used to harmonize and focus the energies of the other stones
  • moonstone - fertility, the "goddess stone", balances the emotions
  • snowflake obsidian - reduces fear and allows you to focus on a positive outcome
  • pearl - fertility, an oyster "gives birth to a pearl"
  • jade - fertility, longevity, may help strengthen heart, kidneys and immune system


fertility spell bracelet: was $24.99 now $22.99


jade bracelet for good luckJade bracelet


Jade has been revered in China for centuries as it is believed to be a sacred stone which attracts love, good health, longevity, prosperity, harmony and good luck. Jade is a lovely soft pale green color with a gentle loving energy.


jade bracelet:

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crystal chakra bracelettumbled chakra bracelet

This charming chakra bracelet has 7 tumbled gemstones attacked with silvertone links and attaches with a lobster claw clasp


chakra bracelet:

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crystal chakra braceletCrystal Chakra Bracelet


This lovely crystal bracelet has 7 different crystals that correlate to the 7 major body chakras. It's a stretch bracelet that is a little less bulky that the larger stones pictured above.


chakra bracelet:

was $12.99 now $9.99