Chinese Good Luck Buddha for Money

Bring blessings of happiness, good health and abundance into your life with Chinese good luck Buddha for money figurines and charms.

Are you curious about Feng Shui? Would you like to give it a try but don't know where to start? It's easy and inexpensive! Basically, Feng Shui is the art of changing energy. It uses color and objects to create a change in energy. In feng shui, Buddha figurines are used to bring harmony, peace, energy, happiness and prosperity to the home. I can't guarantee your results... but it has worked for the Chinese for centuries. Why don't you give it a try? Rub your Buddha's belly daily for good fortune.

Facts about Chinese Buddha and Feng Shui

  • Buddha was a human that worked diligently to attain the enlightened state known as Buddhahood.
  • Buddha is to many people as the greatest religious teacher ever to exist.
  • He was kind, tolerant and patient and had great compassion.
  • Happiness, laughter, abundance, wisdom and contentment are the energies that Buddha encourages.
  • You will see his image often displayed by businesses that wish to draw in the energy into their establishment. Have you ever seen a Chinese restaurant without a buddha?
  • Feng Shui enhancers are usually hung near the entry of a home, room, office or business to bring Buddha's blessing within.


Buy Chinese Good Luck Buddha for Money

small brass reclining Chinese Feng Shui Buddha

chinese good luck buddha for money

2" high Was $19.99  now $14.99

Chinese Good Luck Buddha Blessing statue

Bring blessing from Buddha to your home or business. Buddha stands upon a traditional offering bowl carved with symbols for good fortune, long life and happiness. He brings blessings with his raised right hand. Cranes and symbols of prosperity and longevity embellish his robes.

chinese good luck buddha for money

Was $21.99 Now $17.99 stone powder and resin 5 1/2" high


Chinese Good Luck Buddha for money

This Buddha statue brings blessing of good fortune to your home or business. Hotai Buddha sits contentedly in front of a traditional offering bowl that symbolizes good fortune, long life and happiness. In his right hand he holds prayer beads and in his left he holds another offering bowl. As always, Buddha is laughing. traditional red hong tze resin 4.25" X 4"


chinese good luck buddha for money

Was $19.99 now $17.99


Chinese Good Luck Buddha blessing hanger

This smiling Buddha has elongated ear lobes which symbolizes wisdom. Happiness, luck and generosity are represented by his large belly. He carries a large gift-filled pack for those he encounters in his travels.

Hang this Buddha enhancer in a doorway, entryway or hallway to bless the dwelling in the gifts the Buddha bestows.

buddha good luck charm



Feng Shui Chinese Buddha good luck charm

Keep this Buddha good luck charm with you to attract good fortune, happiness, prosperity and good health. approx 4" jade with red silk tassel

buddha good luck charm