Buy Floating Oil Candles with Floating Wicks

floating oil candles for theme wedding decor

Plastic floating Oil candles add an inexpensive touch of romance to your celebration.

Our plastic floating oil candles are made cooking oil and water. They are an inexpensive yet elegant decorating idea for weddings, receptions, parties, holiday celebrations or a romantic evening at home. Also known as water candles or floating wicks, you can customize the container to suit your celebration theme with food coloring, sea glass, figurines etc. You can add several plastic floating wicks in a large bowl. Oil candles make a unique gift idea for holidays, birthdays or housewarming.



Create custom oil candles for a wedding theme

We have sold many plastic floating oil candles over the years for wedding reception decor. There are many ways to create customized decor for wedding reception. Oil candles are especially good for themed weddings and parties. They add a dramatic touch to just about any theme. I have suggested ideas below. However, you may feel inspired with a whole new idea. I hope you'll send a picture of your creativity!

plastic floating oil candles for theme wedding decor

How to make a floating oil candle

  1. Add embellishments to container. Use hot glue or waterproof floral clay to adhere items that may move around.
  2. Carefully add water (you can tint the water with food coloring).
  3. Pour 1/2" to 1" of vegetable oil (no substitutions allowed) on the water surface.
  4. Insert wick into float. You may need to mold the wick end between your fingers for easier insertion.
  5. Place the plastic float on the oil. You can add more than one if the container is large enough.
  6. Wait! It's important that you allow the cooking oil to completely fill up the grooves till it reaches the wick.
  7. Light the wick and enjoy the ambience.

Always test your custom candle design before your event to make sure that the burn time is long enough and that decorations will stay in place and that colored items are colorfast. 

Floating Oil Candle Kit Details and Benefits


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Floating Wick Refills

This is just the floating wicks. Directions and plastic floats are not included.

Approx. 1/2 in length

  Buy Floating Wicks
100 floating wick refills $2.99

500 floating wick refills $12.99

Create Custom Floating Oil Candle Ideas for a theme wedding or party

beach or ocean theme wedding

cowboy theme wedding

celestial theme wedding

English garden theme wedding

roaring twenties speak easy theme wedding

60's theme wedding

Victorian theme wedding

Grecian theme wedding

Medieval theme wedding or party idea

Winter Wedding or Victorian Christmas theme wedding

Fall of Autumn theme wedding or party ideas

Important notes about floating oil candles and wedding themes

  1. Remember that safety is your number one priority when creating custom decor for your wedding theme. Small items might pose a choking hazard to children. Wires for twinkle lights could be tripped upon. Tall displays could tip over if a table is bumped. Please consider every possible safety issue when putting together your theme decor.
  2. Please note that burn time will vary according to amount of cooking oil  and number of floating candles used. You can extend burn time by increasing the cooking oil. I highly recommend that you experiment to make sure your oil candles will last through your event.
  3. Because this is your special day, it is a good idea to set up your custom display to make sure it's safe and that everything will work out as you hope.
  4. Don't forget that the bridal table isn't the only place to show off your theme decor. Create smaller versions at the other tables.